‘The Umbrella Academy’: A Breakdown of the Season 2 Clues So Far

The Umbrella Academy has a significant following, with plenty of fans who theorize what teasers could mean. For season 2, The Umbrella Academy has released a series of mysterious GIFs and images on Instagram. While fans wait for the season 2 trailer, here’s some speculation as to what the clues on social media could mean for the Hargreeves family.

'The Umbrella Academy' Season 2 clues
The Umbrella Academy Cast | Photo by Rachel Murray/Getty Images for Netflix

‘The Umbrella Academy’ is releasing teaser images on a schedule

According to CBRThe Umbrella Academy‘s Instagram account posts three times a day every other day. Recently, those posts have included two random images with a character GIF wedged in between. So far, the posts have included: a TV set, a bingo card, bottles of milk, an ax, a conch shell, and a salon-grade hairdryer.  

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Fans have only made sense of the TV set and the salon dryer. The TV seems to align with the time in which fans think season 2 is set — the 1960s. And the dryer is featured in a photo of Allison (Emmy Raver-Lampman), Klaus (Robert Sheehan), and Vanya (Ellen Page).

Are Klaus and the conch shell connected?

Though the conch shell’s image wasn’t published with the GIF of Klaus, CBR speculates the two could have something in common. Considering Klaus’ new look features a sea star necklace and the conch is the only other ocean-related imagery, it could hint at where fans will find Klaus when season 2 starts. 

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:clears schedule:

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What does milk have to do with it?

CBR also pointed out several clues from the season 2 stills as they relate to the milk bottle post. In one of the stills, the Hargreeves are standing in a barn surrounded by tipped over milk containers. In another still, one of the Swedish assassins is dressed as a milkman. The caption “drink up if you wanna grow big and strong” could pertain to him, but that’s all conjecture at this point!

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drink up if you wanna grow big and strong

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Aiden Gallagher provided some insight behind the bingo card 

When the bingo card was first posted, many fans started questioning the meaning behind it in the comments. Aiden Gallagher, who plays Number Five in the Netflix series, offered a clue that sent many fans reeling. “It’s all in the numbers,” he commented. “Every time and thing.”

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don’t forget to mark the free space

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One fan theorized the bingo card was a hint at the release date of the season 2 trailer. “So there are six umbrellas, so six [equals] June,” they wrote. “The description says, ‘Don’t forget to mark the free space,’ i.e., we are looking to make bingo! The numbers we need for the bingo, including the free space, are 10 and 19. 10+19=29.” Believing the phrase on the bingo card, “They’re gonna be looking for us,” lead this fan to think “they” meant the fans and, ultimately, that the trailer would be released June 29. 

Another fan on Reddit took a deep dive into what the bingo card could mean concerning John F. Kennedy’s assassination. According to this fan, each number on the card relates to JFK. “20 could be a reference to the Sixth Floor Museum, which opened Feb. 20th, 1989. The Sixth Floor Museum is the museum about the assassination,” they explained. “55 could be a reference to the 1955 Cadillac convertible that was [the] third card in the motorcade.” 

Clues for ‘The Umbrella Academy’ continue to trickle in

Fans went wild over another clue when it was revealed on June 29. Luther’s (Tom Hopper) glasses show a newspaper headline that reads: “War Declared.” In Diego’s (David Castañeda) glasses, a woman with blood on her face can be seen. Allison’s glasses reflect protest signs that read “Freedom Now.”

In Ben’s (Justin H. Min) glasses, the family portrait of the Hargeeves as children is reflected. Klaus’s glasses reflect a crowd of raised hands. Vanya’s glasses show a farm-like setting with a child playing and a woman hanging clothing on a line. And finally, Number Five’s glasses appear to reflect a city facade. Fans on Reddit think it could be the”book depository connected to the JFK assassination.”

Some fans are already confused about season 2

While many fans have enjoyed trying to piece together what these social media posts could all mean, other fans have become aggravated by them. “None of these seemingly random posts and dancing clips make ANY sense,” one frustrated fan wrote on Reddit. “I have given up in trying to find some link between them or some secret hidden meaning.”

The trailer for The Umbrella Academy season 2 should be released soon — fans will have to wait until then for any more clarity on these mysterious images.