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Netflix’s original programming offers a diverse selection for fans of many genres. For fans of superhero films, The Umbrella Academy represents a new take on a classic premise.

Based on a comic book series of its own, it’s like the X-Men for a modern era. The Umbrella Academy has released two seasons so far, and a third one is on the way. But what can fans of the show expect from this next set of episodes, and when can they expect it?

Let’s take a closer look at what we know so far about the third season of The Umbrella Academy

‘The Umbrella Academy’ is a Netflix smash hit 

According to IMDB, The Umbrella Academy follows the Hargreeves family, a set of seven adopted children, each with their own special superpower.

In 1989, 43 women all across the world gave birth simultaneously. Seven of those extraordinary children are adopted by a man named Reginald Hargreeves, who helps them harness their powers.

Years later after the team moves their separate ways, his children (now grown) unite for his funeral to begin the series. The team then faces a series of challenges and adventures they hadn’t bargained for, attempting to solve their father’s death and eventually, stop the planet’s destruction while fighting an evil group known as The Commission. 

The cast of ‘The Umbrella Academy’

The show debuted in 2019 and thus far has had two seasons and 30 episodes. One of the show’s strongest elements is its cast. The group of actors assembled is young but exceptionally talented. The main cast includes: 

  • Elliot Page as Vanya Hargreeves
  • Tom Hopper as Luther Hargreeves
  • David Castaneda as Diego Hargreeves
  • Emmy Raver-Lampman as Allison Hargreeves
  • Robert Sheehan as Klaus Hargreeves
  • Justin Min as Ben Hargreeves
  • Aidan Gallagher as Five
  • Kate Walsh as “The Handler”
  • Mary J. Blige as Cha-Cha, an assassin
  • Colm Feore as Reginald Hargreeves, the group’s patriarch

‘The Umbrella Academy’ season three release date

Robert Sheehan

Thrillist reported that season three of the show has been confirmed, though Netflix has not announced a specific day it will debut. In November 2020, Netflix announced a third season renewal for the popular show.

If the release schedule for the last two season bears out — certainly no guarantee with lockdown restrictions complicating film and TV productions — the next season will likely come in autumn 2021. This latest season will call for 10 episodes. While there’s no firm release date yet, fans of the show can at least rest easy knowing that it’s on the way. 

‘The Umbrella Academy’ series overview

The Umbrella Academy blends the superhero genre with sci-fi, as the show has time travel as one of its plot devices. While the initial focus of the series is on the Hargreeves siblings uniting to solve their father’s murder, they find themselves pushed into a more pressing mission: stopping the end of the world.

The end of season one finds them unable to stop the apocalypse, going back in time to do so. Season two puts them in the early 1960s, having set into motion a second apocalypse.

The team eventually returns to 2019 only to find their timeline has been altered beyond recognition, with their father starting up a new team known as the “Sparrow Academy.” The end of season two certainly left the group in disarray. So what can the team expect to have to deal with moving into this next season? 

What to expect from ‘The Umbrella Academy’ season 3

'The Umbrella Academy' Carmichael
‘The Umbrella Academy’ Season 2 | Courtesy of Netflix

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Before the end of season two, the show provided a preview of what was to come with the introduction of the Sparrow Academy. There’s likely to be more information on them and they’ll likely be a major part of the show going forward.

Also, the show’s original premise promised 43 children born all around the world to different mothers. There are still plenty more of those exceptionally gifted kids who have grown up with stories to tell. It’s almost a certainty that more of them will appear.