‘The Umbrella Academy’s Robert Sheehan Wants to Work With These Directors

Fans of the Netflix series The Umbrella Academy are familiar with Robert Sheehan’s portrayal of Klaus Hargreeves. While the series is wildly successful, Sheehan has hopes of working with other famed directors someday.  

Robert Sheehan is a talented actor 

Klaus — also referred to as “The Seance” or “Number Four” — is one of the seven siblings adopted by Sir Reginald Hargreeves (Colm Feore). 

As a human with extraordinary powers, Klaus can commune with the dead. By the end of season 1, fans learned that Klaus could also harness the dead’s abilities. More specifically, Klaus realized he could channel his dead brother, Ben (Justin H. Min), and use his powers as “The Horror.” 

Before being cast for the Netflix series, Sheehan starred in the television series Misfits. He has also worked on several other tv series and shorts, with producer credits on Dicky, Banshee Betty, and Jet Trash

Robert Sheehan’s mind works in mysterious ways 

Sheehan is a talented actor. In season 1 and 2 of The Umbrella Academy, it is evident to many fans that he poured himself into the unconventional role of Klaus. 

In a promotional video for the release of season 2, Sheehan gave fans a closer look at how his mind works. When asked what the weirdest note in his cell phone was, Sheehan said it read: “Tender Stem Broccoli.” 

He continued: “It reminds me of a maimed hand when it’s been cut just right. Like when it’s been cut where the bushy heads come off. Even that brings with it a bit of trepidation as it’s skewered by a fork and dragged out of a hot stew. I eat it quick before Kelsey Grammer’s suave voice drifts into my head…” 

“I don’t know where that was going,” Sheehan concluded as his castmates Cameron Britton and Emmy Raver-Lampman laughed. This is just a glimpse at the inner workings of Sheehan’s mind.

Like Cameron Britton, Robert Sheehan wrote a book

In discussing the newest notes on their respective cell phones, both Cameron Britton — who plays Hazel in the series — and Sheehan revealed they’ve been working on books. 

“It’s just poems and stuff,” Britton explained. “It’s like a short, little Shel Silverstein kind of thing.” He proceeded to read a sample of his poem.

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On the other hand, Sheehan said he has written a book of short stories over the last year and a half. “I wrote the whole book on my phone,” he added. 

Like Britton, Sheehan read a sample of his work. 

I’d felt cramped all day because I was never very good in the kitchen and probably poisoned myself and my stomach churned and tumbled as the ELF opened the front door made of PVC, that white plastic-y looking stuff that was all the rage once the energy grants came in.

Once again, this gave fans another glimpse into the inner workings of Sheehan’s mind. Then, the talented actor shared some of his hopes and dreams for his career.

Robert Sheehan hopes to work with Quentin Tarantino someday

When Netflix inquired about the oldest note in Sheehan’s phone, he revealed one from 2013. “It’s directors I’d like to work with,” Sheehan said. “It’s just reaching for the stars here, baby.” 

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Sheehan’s list included Tarantino, David Cronenberg, Alexander Payne, Ang Lee, Wes Anderson, Jean Pierre Jeunet, and Eliza Kazan, who died in 2003. “That’s only a portion,” Sheehan added, implying even more directors he hopes to work with in the future. 

When considering his talent, many fans believe Sheehan could find a place in films by any of the directors on his list.