‘The Undoing’ Actor on Season Finale: ‘No One’s Going to Expect What Happens’

With what’s shaping up to be the series finale of The Undoing, numerous predictions are floating around the web about who killed Elena.

Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant’s characters make convincing suspects, but after the bombshell reveal at the end of episode 5, it really is anyone’s guess. Could it be someone in the Fraser family? Or is it someone close to them with access? Actor Noah Jupe—who plays Henry—shared his thoughts about how fans will react to the closing episode of the HBO show.

'The Undoing'
Episode 5 of ‘The Undoing’ with Hugh Grant, Noma Dumezweni, Nicole Kidman, Noah Jupe, Donald Sutherland | Niko Tavernise/HBO

Some fans think Grace’s friend is the culprit

It’s been established that The Undoing TV series deviates from the book in many ways, some fans still believe Jonathan is the murderer just like he was in the novel.

However, there a large number of viewers who feel all guilty signs point to Grace’s lawyer friend Sylvia Steinetz as Elena’s killer. Following episode 5, Twitter was on fire with this theory, but Redditors are also on the case.

Why Sylvia? Certain scenes don’t sit well with some fans. There are questions about her relationship with Jonathan, with some positing that she was his past affair. Others assert that Sylvia is in cahoots with Grace’s father Franklin and they planted the murder weapon in Henry’s violin case.

There was a moment when she slipped into the courtroom late and handed Franklin what looked to be a key. What are the up to? A few people also think she could’ve been the person who called Jonathan’s stranded phone when he took off for that fake conference.

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Noah Jupe says ‘The Undoing’ ending is unexpected

In a recent interview with Elle, Jupe was candid about why he took the role of Henry. One of them was the possibility that his character was the murderer. Jupe tempered it with an explanation about Henry’s depth.

“I loved exploring the fact that maybe Henry wasn’t innocent, maybe [he was] on the dark side, maybe he had his own secrets,” he told the outlet. Jupe added the finale feels like a movie and episode 6 has its own story.

When asked how he thinks fans will react, he replied, “No one’s going to expect what happens. People might have predicted the outcomes, but the outcomes are given and then taken on a whole journey. No one it is expecting that. People might have predicted who it was, maybe, but no one’s expecting the journey you’re going to go through in the sixth episode.”

Jupe said there may be hints about Henry

The 15-year-old mentioned scenes where Grace would make a comment and Henry’s reaction would be conflicted or telling.

“And I reckon if you went back and watched the scenes, there are moments when my mom will say something and it’s like, ‘Do I tell her? Do I not?’ Or she’ll say, ‘What about the murder weapon?’ And then there’s a reaction from me,” said Jupe.

He emphasized there are so many things Henry may be hiding—as demonstrated in episode 5—that other surprises could be in store.

The guessing game continues with celebrities such as Travis Scott joining in on the discussion.

Watch the finale of The Undoing on Nov. 29 at 9 p.m. EST on HBO.