‘The Undoing’ Could Work as an Anthology Series: Imagine Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant Taking on New Characters Each Season

With The Undoing finale fast approaching, questions surrounding a possible narrative continuation continue to surface. The show was written as a six-part miniseries — designed to twist and turn until finally coming to a satisfying and fully-fleshed out conclusion. There were never any plans for a second season. However, the same was true of HBO’s Big Little Lies, and the viewership and critical acclaim led to a second season with Meryl Streep in the bunch.

Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant of The Undoing
Hugh Grant and Nicole Kidman | Jose Perez/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

As of now, those behind The Undoing are remaining rather mum about the possibility for a second season. Thus, though unconfirmed and unwritten, it’s not out of the question. Yet, it’s likely that this murder mystery will tie up its loose ends with the upcoming finale — aligning with its limited series kin. Yet, The Undoing lends itself to the anthology format, as the whodunnit thriller can sink its teeth into various relationships, exploring different social sectors along the way. 

‘The Undoing’ lends itself to the anthology format  

If The Undoing were to continue on with its current narrative, past the “big reveal,” the show would likely become more drama than thriller, honing in on its character relationships following the devastating news. Yet, the show can retain its original appeal. 

If The Undoing becomes an anthology series, each season can present a new unraveling — a new reason for the dismantling of a family unit or a friendship (or both). And, it doesn’t always have to be murder; there are other poor decisions that tear people apart. 

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The Undoing chose to highlight what happens when rich socialites confront murder and adultery, yet the show could examine people from other walks of life, other backgrounds — revealing how people of various cultures, geographic locations, and socioeconomic backgrounds fall victim to diverging disasters. The show can continue on with its title’s premise — “an undoing” — merely changing the relationships and the catalyst for the various downfalls. The show would thus present unique and spellbinding narratives within an ever-consistent concept. 

Hugh Grant, Nicole Kidman, and the other cast members could try various relationships on for size 

As is the case with American Horror Story, familiar cast members often return each season, yet they play new characters with new interpersonal dynamics. Why can’t Kidman, Sutherland, and Grant do the same?

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Kidman and Grant could play siblings who betray one another. Or, Grant and Kidman could play husband and wife again, yet they could face financial ruin instead of marital difficulties. Sutherland could play Grant’s father or Kidman’s business partner. The options are endless. Only one facet must remain for the title to work: something must come undone with a secret at the center.