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Different networks on basic cable have their own distinct styles that make them stand out to their viewers. The CW prides itself on focusing on teen shows and has over the years given its viewers several hits that remain classics to date. The network gained increased interest with The Vampire Diaries and its subsequent spinoffs, including The Originals.

Cast members of 'The Vampire Diaries' and 'The Originals' smiling
(L-R) Actors Paul Wesley, Phoebe Tonkin, Chris Wood, Adelaide Kane and Charles Michael Davis | Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Fans especially loved how the two shows connected with the crossovers making for killer TV. Since The Originals was based on villain Klaus, fans wish another villain on The Vampire Diaries got a spinoff as well.

Fans rooted for Kai Parker to get his own show

Kai Parker started as one of TVD’s villains that fans loved to hate. Kai was Jo’s twin brother who had a difficult upbringing. In his teenage years, Kai’s family found out that he was a Siphoner and began treating him poorly, constantly referring to him as an abomination.

The unfair treatment he received in his adolescent years ended up turning him into the psychopath viewers got acquainted with.

Kai didn’t exactly begin his journey in Mystic Falls as a fan favorite. He began as a psychopath who wanted to kill his siblings (eventually succeeding) for power and revenge. However, he grew to become one of the most lovable characters that had fans wishing he got his own show.

Buzzfeed included him in their list of villains to root for, saying that despite all the bad Kai did, his character was witty and sometimes kind and regretful of his actions, leaving fans wishing the producers gave him a show like they did Klaus.

Klaus’ redemption earned him a successful spinoff

Klaus was one of the most evil fictional villains to have ever existed. The original hybrid was so ruthless and wicked that his name sent chills down his enemies’ spines (and ours). He showed no mercy even to his own family members. Klaus kept killing his siblings and hated his parents with a passion to last an eternity.

However, as the series progressed, viewers started seeing a softer version of the hybrid. A family man at heart, the King of the French Quarter, went through several trials in his life, sometimes proving that he was more human than we cared to acknowledge.

His feelings for Caroline and his love for his daughter saw Klaus showing his vulnerability. He also deeply cared for Stefan, and it was this redeemable side of him that eventually earned him a spinoff, The Originals, that gave viewers a deeper insight into what made Klaus the man (or hybrid) he was.

‘TVD’s’ success had fans asking for more spinoffs

TVD was, without a doubt, one of The CW’s most successful shows. The series led to two successful spinoffs, The Originals, and Legacies, focusing on Klaus’ daughter. Legacies became such a hit that fans began clamoring for more TVD material, including a witch-centered spinoff.


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For years, TVD fans have debated who the superior witch was between Bonnie Bennett and Davina Clare. Regardless, the consensus among fans is that a spinoff centering on both witches would settle the matter while still giving fans something interesting to watch.