‘The Vampire Diaries’: What Is Kayla Ewell Doing Now? 

When vampires mix with humans, the fit will hit the shan. That’s the basic premise of The Vampire Diaries as high school kids mingle with immortals at Mystic Grill and other hangouts of Mystic Falls, Virginia.

Kayla Ewell was part of the regular cast from the pilot episode until midway in season 2 before her character haunted Mystic Falls, and then finally exploded in a literal ball of flame.

Kayla Ewell smiling
Kayla Ewell | Mat Hayward/Getty Images

The actor spent 17 episodes on the series as Vicki Donovan, one of the original humans in modern-day Mystic Falls.

Kayla Ewell was in plenty of other productions during her ‘TVD’ years

Once her character went ghostly midway through season 2, Ewell was free to work on other projects, which she did. Acting mostly in TV shows, she had guest roles in Entourage, Bones, CSI, House, and The Glades.

By 2013, she was in movies. She starred as the female lead in Hallmark Channel’s A Way Back Home featuring Danny Glover, followed by horror faire with The Demented and Deadly Daycare.

By the time The Vampire Diaries wrapped, the actor moved over to the YouTube Red series Me and My Grandma starring Rhea Perlman and then guesting on Roswell, New Mexico for nine episodes, according to IMDb.

What is Kayla Ewell up to in 2022?

Ewell has acted in only six projects since 2018, including a guest spot in 2020 as Natalia Knight in The CW’s Batwoman, as a serial killer who drains victims of their blood. But she’s been working on other projects as well as raising a family.

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She and her husband Tanner Novlan welcomed their second child, Jones Douglas, in June 2022 seven weeks before his due date, according to Digital Spy. Fortunately, little Jones was born perfectly healthy. He just couldn’t wait to meet Mommy and Daddy!

Right now, she’s co-hosting the Directionally Challenged podcast alongside Vampire Diaries co-star Candice King, serving on the board of nonprofit This Is About Humanity while sitting on the council of The Little Market.

Her husband is an actor who was also in Roswell, New Mexico. He has been a fixture on the CBS daytime soap The Bold and The Beautiful since 2020, ironically where his wife got one of her first recurring roles back in 2004.

Kayla Ewell’s character hated this one ‘TVD’ queen

Vicki is a normal teenager in Mystic Falls. She goes to high school, hangs out with friends, and has her crushes as normal teens do. Unfortunately, her lack of purpose and unstable family life leads her to choose drugs and sex as a release.

Then Damon Salvatore killed her and turned her into a vampire. Suddenly, her ex-boyfriends Tyler and Jeremy (Elena’s biological cousin and adoptive younger brother) were no match for her.

Vicki deplored Elena (Nina Dobrev) because she strung along Matt Donovan (Vicki’s little bro) for, oh, only 15 years. Of course, for a vampire, that’s a blink of an eye.

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