‘The Vampire Diaries’ Star Michael Trevino Revealed His Favorite Scene Partners

The CW’s The Vampire Diaries boasted a deep bench of talent. The entire cast sizzled with on-screen chemistry as they brought the vibrant characters to life. While all of the actors seemed to gel, one star of the show, Michael Trevino, confessed that he did have favorite scene partners during his stint on The Vampire Diaries.

Michael Trevino
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‘The Vampire Diaries’ boasted a talented cast

For eight seasons, The Vampire Diaries told the story of supernatural creatures living in Mystic Falls, Virginia. Weird occurrences and unexplained deaths plagued the town. Still, the vampires, witches, and werewolves managed to keep their existence a secret from most of the unsuspecting townsfolk.

The narrative revolved around Stefan and Damon Salvatore, two undead brothers who were once caught in a love triangle with a human named Elena Gilbert. Paul Wesley, Ian Somerhalder, and Nina Dobrev played the trio.

Other humans who were in-the-know included Matt Donovan, Jeremy Gilbert, and monster hunter Alaric Saltzman, portrayed by Zach Roerig, Steven R. McQueen, and Matthew Davis.

Caroline Forbes, played by Candice King, and Lorenzo ‘Enzo’ St. John, played by Michael Malarkey, were two vampires in the inner circle. And the resident witch of the group was Bonnie Bennett, brought to life by Kat Graham. Rounding out the supernatural crew was the werewolf turned hybrid, Tyler Lockwood, played by Trevino.

Michael Trevino revealed his favorite scene partners from ‘The Vampire Diaries’

Trevino showed off his wide dramatic range as Tyler on The Vampire Diaries. He worked extensively with every principal player on the show, but in a 2015 interview with Entertainment Weekly, Trevino admitted he did favor working with certain actors.

“I would have to say [my favorite scene partner] is between Candice [King] and Zach Roerig for different reasons. Those two are my favorite to work with. We just have a blast and joke around a lot,” Trevino told EW.

It is no surprise that Trevino enjoyed the dynamics between himself, King, and Roerig since their characters shared some pretty meaty storylines. On the show, when Tyler accidentally took a life, he inadvertently triggered his werewolf curse, which caused him to transform into a wolf during every full moon. The transformation was excruciating, but his long-time friend, the recently turned vampire, Caroline (King), helped him cope.

The two eventually fell for each other, which made for juicy drama for a couple of reasons. Caroline was the ex-girlfriend of Tyler’s friend, Matt (Roerig), which made for some very awkward — and fun to watch — exchanges. The more pressing issue was that Tyler’s bite was deadly to vampires, and the chap came dangerously close to unintentionally killing his ladylove.

Michael Trevino enjoyed group scenes on set


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Although Trevino did favor certain co-stars as scene partners, he explained to EW that his most enjoyable times on the set of The Vampire Diaries included working with the entire ensemble.

“My favorite scenes are the group scenes because not all of us are always together,” said Trevino. “I have a scene with Nina [Dobrev] in the finale, just her and I, and it was kind of funny because we were like, ‘we rarely ever have one-on-one scenes together.’ It was special, but it was just kind of funny because it just doesn’t happen. Whenever there’s a day where there’s all of us together, it was very enjoyable because we all get to hang out. We see each other in passing, but we don’t really get to work with one another all day, so that’s pretty fun.”

Fans can catch Trevino in The Vampire Diaries and in his latest project, Roswell, New Mexico, which are both streaming on Netflix.

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