‘The View’: Does Meghan McCain Make More Money Than Ana Navarro?

They are two of the most controversial figures on the popular TV show The View, and Meghan McCain and Ana Navarro seem to thrive on the headlines. Even though both women are figureheads for the Republican political party, they have very different opinions on certain issues and have gotten into several heated arguments. Keep reading to learn what both women do, how much money they make, and who has a higher net worth.

Meghan McCain is a columnist and author

As the daughter of respected senator John McCain, Meghan McCain was born into a world of wealth and privilege. She showed interest in politics at an early age and accompanied her father on the campaign trail when he ran for president in 2008.

Following her time on the campaign trail, McCain worked as a radio host and columnist, eventually signing a lucrative book deal in 2009. McCain has appeared on a wide variety of political talk shows and programs, earning a reputation as a controversial figure in the Republican party.

McCain doesn’t ascribe to many of the traditional Republican tenets and often takes a very socially liberal stance, which has caused her to receive some criticism from some senior members of her party. 

What is Meghan McCain’s net worth?

Meghan McCain at a conference.
Meghan McCain | Michael Brochstein/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

In late 2017, Meghan McCain was named as one of the co-hosts on The View. She filled the spot left vacant by previous conservative co-host Jedediah Bila.

McCain has become known for her spats with other co-hosts during her tenure on the show. And although the women of the show insist that they remain good friends and colleagues, the fights often make headlines.

Despite reports that McCain is ready to leave the show, she has not confirmed or denied anything. It seems likely that she will be a regular presence on The View for some time to come — especially to draw a reportedly hefty salary of around $1 million.

All in all, McCain’s net worth is around $4 million, a combination of her salary on The View, her other projects, and, of course, her family’s established wealth. 

Ana Navarro is a well-respected political strategist

Ana Navarro was born in Nicaragua and moved to America with her family as a young child in order to escape political unrest. After studying Political Science in college, Navarro became a political strategist after graduation and went on to serve several Republican administrations.

In the late nineties, she worked for the then-Florida Governor Jeb Bush, and in 2008, she worked for the office of John McCain. Navarro is also a successful political commentator and has frequently appeared on networks such as CNN and ABC News.

In 2015, Navarro started appearing on The View as a guest co-host and has since been named a regular guest co-host. Navarro has also received some controversy during her time on the show due to the fact that she has become known as a “Never Trump-er” and frequently criticizes the Trump presidency.

What is Ana Navarro’s net worth?

Ana Navarro has had a long and successful career in politics, and her time on The View is, for her, the icing on the cake. With a net worth of around $3 million, Navarro has accumulated a very impressive fortune.

Whether or not she plans to continue on The View remains to be seen but she has certainly proven that she has the wisdom and foresight to make the right decisions for her. Although Meghan McCain’s net worth is slightly higher than Ana Navarro’s, the difference is very small, and it is clear that the two women have both achieved a great deal of success in their chosen field.