‘The Walking Dead’: Andrew Lincoln Punched Several Co-Stars In the Face

Taking on over a decade of TV domination, The Walking Dead is known for its grueling and nasty zombie make-up and special effects, indefinite state of fear, and exciting fight scenes. Fans have tuned in loyally to every season and episode to see what the dynamic group will get into that day — more zombies or another group of destructive and cruel people?

It seems behind-the-scenes can be unintentionally messy as well, with co-star Norman Reedus calling out Andrew Lincoln in one of his interviews. He reveals that the leading man often gets hyped up with coffee and energy, making him slip and hit his co-stars for real!

Andrew Lincoln smiling slightly
Andrew Lincoln | Jason LaVeris/Getty Images

Will there be an 11th season of ‘The Walking Dead’?

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Still going strong, The Walking Dead introduced viewers to a world following a zombie apocalypse where main lead Rick Grimes encounters several people and altercations after waking from a coma. The show is full of emotional connections and losses, terrifying run-ins with zombies alongside gruesome fights and battles with other people/groups, and epic personal battles to survive the ‘new normal.’

Fans have lost a lot of their favorite characters in the last decade, but the show is still going strong, with fan-favorite Daryl holding his own. AMC announced in April 2021 that the 11th and final season of The Walking Dead will premiere in August 2021, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Andrew Lincoln and his role on the show

Lincoln has played more than 30 other acting roles, but it’s his role as the strong, decisive, and emotionally numb Rick Grimes on The Walking Dead that got him five of his six award wins and made him a household name almost everywhere. In the first season, his character wakes up from a coma to a zombie apocalypse that has plagued his city.

After reuniting with his family and linking up with other terrified people, Rick assumes the position as a leader and helps guide the group in the direction of safety while protecting whomever he can from zombies. The seasons to follow only see him get more badass and protective. 

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After 9 seasons and nearly a decade of success playing Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead, Lincoln called it quits and decided to leave the show. Although this came as a shock to fans since they thought Rick and Daryl would be there until the end, his decision was well-thought-out.

Lincoln decided to leave the show because the schedule is hardcore and he’s taken on the pressure of a lead for nearly a decade. His entire professional life has been the show in the last several years and he had already been thinking about his character’s fate. Most importantly — Lincoln is a family man with two children and wife who is in the UK while he’s filming for months at a time in Atlanta. 

Norman Reedus outs Lincoln for punching co-stars

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Reedus, or better known as Daryl from TWD, reveals just how uncoordinated Lincoln is when he’s doing fight scenes on the show — having punched almost everyone in the face on accident.

“The thing about Andy is he’s got no coordination whatsoever — zero,” Reedus explains. “I was talking to Jeffrey Dean Morgan [and] he goes ‘oh, man. Tonight’s gonna suck because I have a big fight scene with Andy, and he’s going to punch me in the face. He’s gonna drink a lot of coffee and get super excited — he’s going to punch me in the face.'”

Reedus recounts other occasions where Lincoln punched his co-stars (himself included) in the face during a fight scene, adding, “It’s supposed to be acting, but he has no coordination.”

Although it’s not on purpose, it certainly is a common occurrence — so much so, his co-stars have come to expect it when a fight scene is coming up. It seems Lincoln needs to lower his coffee intake a notch to avoid bruising other cast members’ faces — but then that makes us wonder if it would still be so realistic and emotionally fueled if he did?