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The Walking Dead is coming to an end after being on the air for a decade. The show follows a group of humans living in an apocalyptic era struggling to stay alive after a virus attacks the human population leaving the world infested by zombies.

Zombies in front of a 'Walking Dead' backdrop
‘The Walking Dead’ Final Season Premiere | Rosdiana Ciaravolo/Getty Images

For 10 seasons, fans of the cult TV show have watched the various characters overcome challenges and attacks from the walkers to rebuild afresh. As the series comes to a close, viewers will see eight new faces who will blend into the show seamlessly to wrap it up. Find out who is joining the AMC thriller.

The last season of ‘The Walking Dead’ has already begun filming

The Walking Dead has enjoyed massive viewership, which has essentially let it live for 10 seasons. However, in recent years, the show experienced dwindling ratings and had some negative reviews from fans who disapproved of the show’s direction with some of its characters.

The Walking Dead showrunners announced that season 11 would be the show’s last season in 2020 and ended an era in TV history. The news of the series ending seemed to shock some cast and crew members, with Jeffrey Dean Morgan telling Collider that the news “was a complete surprise” to everybody involved in the show.

Although the fan-favorite show is coming to an end, it won’t be the last fans see of some of their favorite characters. Collider noted that a spinoff featuring Norman Reedus and Melissa McBride’s characters (Daryl and Carol) is in the works. According to the publication, the spinoff will focus on Daryl and Carol’s relationship and launch in 2023, after season 11 wraps up.

Who are the new faces joining the AMC show?

The last time viewers caught up with the characters on The Walking Dead, they learned that the ensemble was divided into two groups. A group of mystery soldiers arrested four of the show’s main characters and took them to a community called Commonwealth. The Commonwealth is said to be a place where 50,000 survivors live and have found a way of rebuilding civilization.

Insider listed some of the names, and top of the list is actor Laila Robins who plays the Commonwealth leader Pamela Milton. Before Milton’s role in the Commonwealth was announced, several fans of The Walking Dead thought one showrunner had teased another version of Milton.

Actor Josh Hamilton is also set to appear as Lance Hornsby, another Commonwealth leader. In the comics, Lance appears as a bookkeeper for the Commonwealth organization, but he seems to have a much more significant role in the series.

Michael James Shaw will appear as the leader of the Commonwealth army while Laurie Fortier joins the show as one of the survivors called Agatha. Many fans know Margot Birmingham (or her voice) as Stephanie, the one speaking with Eugene, whom he sets out in search of.

Soap star Jacob Young‘s role in the series isn’t yet clear, but Insider theorizes that he might play Milton’s son Sebastian or a Reaper. Ritchie Coster is also part of the lineup playing a mysterious Reaper called Pope.

What we know about the show so far


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The Walking Dead final season has 24 episodes, two episodes more than what was earlier communicated. The first episode of season 11 already premiered on August 22, with AMC releasing the episode title list in advance. The episode titles are supposedly meant to give fans an idea of how the show plans to conclude each character’s storylines.

The showrunners have remained mum about any further details about the show, but Syfy Wire Andrew Lincoln, who plays Rick Grimes and Danai Gurira, might make a cameo. The site also notes that producers plan on returning to Rick’s story through a trilogy of movies.