The Way to Connect ‘The New Mutants’ to Doctor Strange and the MCU

The New Mutants will reportedly be a separate and distinct entity, untethered to the Marvel Cinematic Universe — despite earlier incorrect messaging. However, there is an obvious way to establish a connection between the mutants and existing Avengers (via Doctor Strange). 

Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange
Benedict Cumberbatch is seen filming ‘Doctor Strange’ | Michael Stewart/GC Images

Though it would be great to see Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness introduce one of the mutants in the upcoming Fox movie, such an introduction will likely come later down the line and involve a narrative connection relying on a more recent comic book creation.

The New Mutants will feature several young mutants, coming to grapple with their powers while trapped in a secret facility that — as the trailer suggests — does not have their best interest in mind. One of these mutants is Magik, and Magik’s journey is intimately fused with Doctor Strange’s existence in the comics. 

All you need to know about Magik and her relationship with Doctor Strange

Who is Magik? Also known as Illyana Rasputina, Magik is the youngest of three mutant siblings; her older brothers are Colossus and the cosmonaut, Mikhail Rasputin. At one point in the comics, Storm teaches the character magic, while Cat teaches her combat. However, the character remains quite minor — playing a subordinate part in the X-Men landscape — for years. So, let’s get to the best part. What are her powers?

Magik is capable of creating teleportation discs that allow her to hop through space by stepping into the limbo dimension. This connects Magik to all of the demons that live there. Magik also possesses a soul sword, which she is able to manifest; based on the end of the first trailer for The New Mutants, it looks like such a sword will be making its cinematic appearance quite soon. So, how does she come in contact with Strange?

In one point in the Marvel comics, there exists a future in which Magik is the Sorceress Supreme following training under Doctor Strange. And maybe, just maybe, if Marvel chooses to follow some recently released comics, she can be a student of the Strange Academy, or she can be a professor (as is the case in the comics). Or, could she both at different points in time? This is the multiverse we’re talking about.

Inside the ‘Stange Academy’: Is an MCU interpretation inevitable? 

The Strange Academy is basically the Hogwarts of the MCU. Doctor Strange is the headmaster and, with help from some highly-skilled professors, he teaches youngsters how to appropriately wield magic.

Magik is one of those professors. With the multiverse bound to allow multiple timelines and parallel universes to exist in tandem, creating a way for a young Magik to exist alongside an adult Magik (who helps Doctor Strange) does not seem unfathomable. If the MCU decides to take anything from The New Mutants, using Magik in later installments would be a wise decision, as such a character could also take over when Benedict Cumberbatch bids the MCU farewell.