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Like all acclaimed shows, The White Lotus has its share of plot issues. The 2021 HBO miniseries debuted in July 2021. And it quickly became a buzzworthy and thought-provoking piece of work. It tells the story of a group of guests who visit a tropical resort of the same name in Hawaii.

Featuring a star-studded cast, The White Lotus seemed to come out of nowhere to dominate the network over the summer. And every day, more viewers discover the series. Following the news that it will return with a second season as an anthology series, some fans are doing a deep dive into The White Lotus. And they’ve exposed a couple of the series’ undeniable plot holes. 

What is ‘The White Lotus’ about?

The White Lotus is a satirical comedy-drama that follows several travelers who stay at the Hawaiian White Lotus resort at the same time. Although the guests initially plan on basking in the luxury of the resort, the audience knows that someone will die. Over the week that follows, a darker complexity emerges — one that threatens the lives of everyone at the resort, including the staff.

The White Lotus consists of six episodes. Shortly after it debuted, it started receiving serious critical acclaim. Not only have fans and critics praised the storyline and the setting, but they have given a nod to the acting, as well. With performers such as Alexandra Daddario, Jake Lacy, and Connie Britton, there’s a lot of talent there.

Fans aren’t buying one aspect of Nicole’s story arc

Veteran actor Britton plays Nicole Mossbacher. She’s the wealthy CFO of a search engine organization. Married to Mark, who is battling his own health issues, Nicole is one of the most visible characters. Her marriage is tested throughout the story arc of the show. But in the end, she and Mark are able to come to an understanding. In spite of the ultimate happy ending that Nicole receives, some viewers don’t necessarily buy some aspects of her story.

The Dipp points out that Nicole, a wealthy woman, seemingly only reserves one room at the resort. It’s a small room that had just one bedroom. This relegates Nicole’s daughter and her friend to the couch and her son to the kitchen nook area. This creates a cramped environment that isn’t ideal for relaxation. And presumably, an upper-class woman like Nicole wouldn’t make this choice.

The report cites social media posts from fans who don’t get the logic. “All that money and Connie Britton couldn’t get a hotel suite with two bedrooms? how does that math work.” wrote one. Another Twitter user added similarly, “I like White Lotus but if Connie Britton is the CEO of a huge search engine company, why do neither of her children have rooms with a bed? Her family would be in [the] pineapple suite no question.”

What’s the other major plot hole in ‘The White Lotus’?

'The White Lotus' cast in key art from the HBO series. Shows like 'The White Lotus' include lots of murder mysteries and social class dramas, but 'The White Lotus' stands on its own as a realistic portrayal of American society in 2021 and how attitudes and societal pressures affect peoples' behaviors.
‘The White Lotus’ cast | HBO

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The insufficient accommodations for Nicole and her family isn’t the only plot hole that fans have noted in The White Lotus. Many fans have pointed out that even at a glitzy resort, it seems highly improbable that a random group of travelers would go out of their way to get to know each other, as the guests in the series seem to do. Most people on vacation tend to keep to themselves — at least, they don’t insert themselves into the lives of strangers.

In spite of these inconsistencies, The White Lotus remains one of HBO’s biggest shows of the year. And it will undoubtedly cause serious buzz when it returns for a second season