‘The White Lotus’: Molly Shannon Admitted She Performs Old ‘SNL’ Skits in Her Backyard

Molly Shannon’s role in HBO’s The White Lotus was hysterical and many times uncomfortable. However, Kitty has more confidence than Mary Katherine Gallagher in her Saturday Night Live days. No, she doesn’t put her hands in her armpits in the new HBO series; however, she does reenact those old skits in her backyard for friends.

Molly Shannon portraying Kitty in The White Lotus
‘The White Lotus’: Molly Shannon | Mario Perez/HBO

What role does Molly Shannon play in ‘The White Lotus’?

Molly Shannon portrays a wealthy, overbearing mother in The White Lotus named Kitty Patton. She dropped in on her son’s honeymoon in The White Lotus Episode 4. Her son, Shane Patton (Jake Lacy), welcomed her with open arms, but his fiance, Rachel (Alexandra Daddario), did not share the same warm feelings.

As the days of their luxurious vacation wore on, Kitty told her daughter-in-law that there’s no harm in becoming a trophy wife. When Rachel expressed a desire to get a job, Kitty was shocked, wondering (out loud) why on Earth she would do that. Rachel married into money, and things are different now, Kitty explained.

“Money, money, money, money,” Molly Shannon’s character sang during dinner in The White Lotus

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Shannon brought her trademark, uncomfortable yet confident, remarks onto the set of the HBO limited series. Her time on the series was brief, but she managed to mess with her daughter-in-law’s head sufficiently in only two episodes.

Molly Shannon performs old ‘Saturday Night Live’ skits in her backyard

On Aug. 11, Shannon joined guest host David Spade on Jimmy Kimmel Live to talk about their SNL memories together and her role on HBO’s The Other Two. She discussed the six seasons she spent on SNL and the brief time that they worked together. However, Shannon expressed that she felt “rusty” being back on live television after a long hiatus due to the coronavirus (COVID-19). 

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Spade told Shannon one of his favorite memories is when Shannon did the skit, “I’m 50!” However, he added that she looks younger now than she did in the SNL scene. Then the 56-year-old actor admitted she still performs some of those old skits at home.

“I get asked to do skits again all the time, so I do them for people in my backyard,” Shannon told Spade.

Although she added that it’s “a little weird.” Shannon said it’s different because she doesn’t have her wigs and only wears shorts. But if you get a chance to visit Shannon, ask her to perform a skit for you. She might just do it.

Molly Shannon in ‘The Other Two’

Molly Shannon joined the cast of HBO’s The Other Two as the main characters’ mother even before her meddling mother role in The White Lotus. She was a recurring character in season 1 of the comedy, but the producers upgraded her to a series regular for season 2. In the HBO show, Shannon plays Pat Dubek; a Hollywood-ready mother excited for her son’s stardom. The Other Two Season 2 premiered on HBO on Aug. 26, 2021.