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The critically acclaimed first season of The White Lotus by Mike White is heading into season 2, and it’s ramping up to be even better than the first. After that insanely unexpected rimming scene, we know that doesn’t seem possible, but the cast and filming location for season 2 is on point. Find everything you need to know about HBO’s The White Lotus Season 2 below.

‘The White Lotus: Sicily’ Season 2 cast

Jennifer Coolidge is the only character reprising her role in The White Lotus Season 2 cast (so far). But many exciting new actors are joining the vacation in Sicily, Italy. The first group of travelers is a multigenerational threesome. F. Murray Abraham will play a father and grandfather, Bert DiGrasso. He’s vacationing with his son Dominic DiGrasso (Sopranos alum Michael Imperioli) and grandson. The youngest of the group is a recent college graduate, Elbie DiGrasso (Adam DiMarco). 

The next group of vacationers to the beautiful Sicily resort is two married couples. Sanditon alum Theo James and Meghann Fahy play Cameron and Daphne Babcock. The married couple is on vacation with another married couple — Ethan Spiller (Will Sharpe) and his wife Harper (Aubrey Plaza). 

The White Lotus Season 2 cast also includes Tom Hollander (The Night Manager) as an English ex-pat named Quentin. Hollander’s character is vacationing with his friends and nephew. Plus, Haley Lu Richardson portrays Portia, a young woman traveling with her boss, Tanya McQuoid (Coolidge). Meanwhile, Leo Woodall plays a resort guest named Jack. 

Deadline reported that creator Mike White added three Italian actors to the cast in March 2022. Recent additions include Sabrina Impacciatore as the manager of the White Lotus Sicily resort, Valentina. Can anyone compare to Murray Bartlett as resort manager Armond? Viewers will have to wait and see. Beatrice Grannó and Simona Tabasco also join the cast as two locals hanging around the hotel, Mia and Lucia.

‘The White Lotus: Sicily’ Season 2 potential release date

HBO did not announce an official release date for The White Lotus Season 2. However, the new installment began filming in February 2022, so season 2 could return in late 2022 or early 2023.

‘The White Lotus: Sicily’ Season 2 filming location

The White Lotus Season 2 filming location is primarily the San Domenico Palace in Taormina, Sicily, Italy. The town of Taormina is a hilltop on the east coast of Sicily, which sits near Mount Etna — an active volcano. According to the Taormina Four Seasons hotel website, the San Domenico Palace was formerly a 14th-century convent overlooking Mount Etna and the ancient Greek theatre. 

The resort boasts a cliff-top infinity pool, spa, and award-winning dining. The cliffs drop to the sea below with sandy beaches. The suites range from $1,000 per night to over $6,000 for the Princess suite. The concierge services range from limousine chauffeurs to same-day dry-cleaning and pressing. Its extravagance is the perfect setting for The White Lotus Season 2 guests.

The entrance to the San Domenico Hotel in Taormina, Sicily, Italy where 'The White Lotus' Season 2 filmed
San Domenico Hotel entrance, Taormina, Sicily, Italy, Europe. | Riccardo Lombardo/REDA&CO/Universal Images Group/Getty Images

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‘The White Lotus: Sicily’ Plot

The White Lotus Season 2 plot begins similarly to the first installment. A group of deep-pocketed vacationers head to a luxurious destination. Creator Mike White is sure to work in the perfect amount of dark comedy when things go wrong with his oddball characters at the White Lotus Sicily resort. However, the director worries about making season 2.

When White checked into the Maui resort to screen the first season, the receptionist told him his room wouldn’t be ready for hours. He wanted to scream. However, White put the moment in perspective and realized he does not ever want to turn into one of the characters he wrote. White is wary of creating a second season because he doesn’t want to be that privileged guy.

“You definitely don’t want to be that guy,” he told Vanity Fair.

But The White Lotus Season 1 was so popular that HBO renewed it days before the final episode dropped.

How many episodes is ‘The White Lotus: Sicily’?

The good news is that The White Lotus Season 2 will have seven episodes, one more than the inaugural season. There’s no trailer available yet for season 2. However, six episodes of The White Lotus Season 1 are currently available for streaming on HBO and HBO Max.