‘The White Lotus’ Season 2: Jack Being a Fan of West Ham United F.C. Reveals Way More About Him Than Viewers Think

In Season 2 of HBO‘s hit series The White Lotus, Jack introduces himself as an Essex lad who’s a fan of the English soccer club, West Ham United F. C. That detail doesn’t seem significant on its face. But it actually reveals a lot more about Jack than viewers might think.

Jack sings the West Ham anthem in Sicily and has a team tattoo

In episode six of The White Lotus Season 2, titled “Abductions,” Jack (Leo Woodall) takes Portia (Haley Lu Richardson) out for a night on the town while Quentin (Tom Holland) entertains Tanya (Jennifer Coolidge) with a party on his Palermo estate. After the two skip out on paying for arancini, Jack gets into a fight with an Italian man on the street. 

They continue to walk about the streets. Meanwhile, Jack drunkenly sings West Ham United’s unofficial song, “I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles.” He also has a tattoo of the club’s logo — two crossed hammers — on his arm. 

jack white lotus
Haley Lu Richardson (L) and Leo Woodall in ‘The White Lotus’ | HBO

According to Woodall, Jack may have a lot of corny art on his body, including that “cowabunga” neck tattoo. But the West Ham United tattoo was something Jack took very seriously. 

“He just wouldn’t have thought much about the meaning behind these tattoos—and he would have probably been hammered getting all of them,” Woodall told Men’s Health. “The only one that he probably would have put some thought into is the tattoo of hammers on his arm because that’s [the logo for] his football team [West Ham United Football Club].”

Jack singing the West Ham United anthem was a subtle way’The White Lotus’ hinted at his hostile nature

West Ham United and Palermo have a dark history. In 2006, after West Ham United lost to Palermo in the UEFA cup match, West Ham fans took to the Sicilian streets. Their hooliganism resulted in police confrontations and nearly 20 arrests. And it left dozens of people injured.

So, when Jack loudly sings the West Ham anthem in the streets of Sicily, it exposes his bellicose nature. It becomes obvious that he’s aggressive, fearless, and more than ready to pick a fight. And that’s likely why Quentin asked him to partake in the plot to occupy (and perhaps kill) Portia so he could murder Tanya for her money. 

‘The White Lotus’ star Leo Woodall reveals what he thinks is next for Jack


‘The White Lotus’ Season 2: Greg Is the Key to This Mystery

Jack may or may not return for The White Lotus Season 3. But when talking to The Hollywood Reporter, Woodall speculated where his character could potentially go after Quentin’s death.

He suggested that Jack might end up back in a dark place. And now that his money train has stopped, the actor speculated that he might consider finding Tanya’s husband Greg. 

“I think it’s going to be really, really crap for him.” Woodall mused. “I really do feel for him. I think Quentin being gone, he’s going to be very lost, and he’s going to be very hurt, very upset, and he’s probably going to be very angry.”

“Maybe he’d like to go and hunt down Greg or something,” he added. “I don’t really know. But I think in the immediate future, post-Quentin death, he could go back into that deep hole.”