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Viewers watching The White Lotus on HBO Max want to know who dies during the lavish Hawaiian vacation. While many fans have theories on Reddit, the Easter Eggs found in the opening credits of the HBO limited series by Mike White might reveal who is in the box. They at least indicate something specific about each of the characters in the series. This article was updated on Aug. 2 to reflect new evidence from The White Lotus Episode 4. The opening credits continue to describe each character accurately.

Jennifer Coolidge posing in front of the opening credits scene which might give clues regarding who dies in The White Lotus
Jennifer Coolidge | Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

‘The White Lotus’: Who is in the box?

HBO’s The White Lotus Episode 1 opens with a dramatic scene in an airport. Director Mike White told The New Yorker that he wanted to include the dead body trope, so viewers knew the vacation was going “somewhere a bit dangerous.” The Enlightened director joined Mare of EasttownTrue Detective, and many other crime dramas that begin with a dead body. However, The White Lotus is a satire comedy series, not a crime drama. Nonetheless, the opening scene draws viewers in to discover who died while on vacation at the White Lotus resort in Maui.  

Shane Patton (Jake Lacy) seems visibly distraught when The White Lotus begins. He’s in an airport when fellow travelers start asking him about his vacation. The unsuspecting couple realizes Shane was at the resort where someone killed an unknown character. When they ask about his wife, Rachel (Alexandra Daddario), he becomes irate. So, naturally, fans wondered if Shane killed Rachel? However, other viewers thought that theory might be too obvious. 

‘The White Lotus’ opening credits might reveal some critical Easter Eggs

Like Mare of Easttown, the new HBO comedy-drama, The White Lotus, has Easter Eggs sprinkled throughout the series. However, a recent discovery by fans on Reddit is that the opening credits might indicate small details about The White Lotus and who dies.

One viewer on Reddit “found some phallic fruit foreshadowing” next to Steve Zahn’s name in the opening credits. In the first episode, viewers see a full frontal view of Zahn’s character’s testicles. Mark Mossbacher worried he might have cancer since he had enlarged testicles. So, it does seem intentional that the actor’s name during the opening credits of The White Lotus is next to fruit that resembles male genitalia.

While rewatching the opening credits, it’s evident that each of the cast of The White Lotus has a specific item next to their name. Greenery and palms surround Murray Bartlett’s name. He plays the resort manager, Armond, who ends up with a bag full of cannabis and other drugs. Could it be a coincidence that hemp leaves look similar to the palm leaves in the credits? It could be, or maybe it’s intentional.

Episode 4 proves the theory with Olivia

In The White Lotus Episode 4, Paula (Brittany O’Grady) finds out that her friend Olivia Mossbacher (Sydney Sweeney) flirted with Kai (Kekoa Scott Kekumano), intentionally. Paula and Kai secretly connected throughout the vacation. When Olivia found out, she insisted on hitting on him.

“If I have something of my own, she wants it,” Paula told Kai after hearing what Olivia did.

In the opening credits of The White Lotus, Sweeney’s name is perfectly placed next to a snake. It is evident that the graphics chosen represent the characters.

‘The White Lotus’: Who dies?

Other Redditors began watching the opening credits of The White Lotus for more clues and information. 

“Natasha Rothwell’s name appears when the paint starts to bleed, and Jake Lacy appears next to a changing chameleon,” another Redditor wrote.


‘The White Lotus’: Who Dies During the Vacation? Every Theory so Far

Viewers wonder if the bleeding paint might indicate that Rothwell’s character, Belinda, is the one who dies in The White Lotus. Does Shane (Lacy) change his true colors? Maybe he isn’t the one who kills his wife after all. 

Are the opening credits clues?

The other credits might contain more clues. Here’s a rundown of each symbol that appears next to The White Lotus cast names. Connie Britton’s name appears with a red bird that resembles a Hawaiian’ I’iwi. 

Jennifer Coolidge’s name is next to a monkey with a flower in her ear. The White Lotus Episode 3, titled “Mysterious Monkeys,” might answer questions about her character, Tanya McQuoid, and the monkey. Red lotuses surround Daddario’s name, which stands for love and compassion.