‘The Wilds’ Cast Bonded After 1 Intense Stunt Scene

It’s no secret that a large ensemble cast can sometimes lead to tension. Trying to balance a wide array of personalities can be difficult and even lead to feuds on and off set. But this couldn’t be further from the truth for the cast of The Wilds. The eight leading ladies of the popular Amazon show are incredibly close and have the utmost respect for one another.

The Wilds Cast pose for season 1 promos
The Wilds Cast

In interviews for The Wilds, the cast has gushed about how supportive and warm the environment on set was. Despite the intensity of the show they were filming, the talented actors found time to bond, help each other navigate the entertainment industry, and even goof around with each other in between takes. In an interview with IndieWire, Shannon Berry, who plays Dot on the show, shared what it was like to film the series.

‘The Wilds’ cast is very close in real life

“As women, we get inherently drilled into us that we should pit ourselves against other women, and we’re always competing,” The Wilds actor revealed. “But it’s so incredible to come into an environment where that is absolutely not the case and it’s all about supporting other women. It’s all about earning our power and being able to have a voice. Being 19 and doing the pilot and realizing how much power I did have — and how much respect other women had for each other on this show — it was just such an amazing environment to grow from.”

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Sophia Taylor Ali (who portrays Faton on The Wilds) echoed her castmate’s sentiments in a video interview with Amazon Prime. “Working with this cast has been a dream,” the actor shared. “They’re all so lovely, so humble, and warm and soft and easy to talk to. And there’s no weird jealousies or competitiveness and we all support each other and lift each other up so much it’s just like a dream. I couldn’t have asked for a better cast seriously.”

Reign Edwards gets candid about the show’s intense stunt work

Though The Wilds cast had plenty of moments to bond over the several months that they were filming, Reign Edwards, who plays Rachel, credited a stunt for really bringing the actors together. While fans of the show might have believed that the cast used green screen to fake their stunts, many of them were actually done under pretty real circumstances on the beaches of New Zealand.

One such stunt was, of course, the memorable mud scene. Fans of The Wilds will recall that Rachel gets stuck in some quicksand type mud, and five of the stranded girls have to use all their strength to pull her out. In an interview for Amazon Prime video, Edwards credited the intense stunt for helping to bond the cast.

How the infamous mud scene helped to bond the actors of ‘The Wilds’

“The moment I felt like we all bonded as a cast was the mud scene,’ Edwards confessed. “Because of however they made this fake mud, I was actually really stuck in the mud. Everybody really had to use all of their strength to get me out of the pit. Everybody really, because of how hard it was, was really able to live in that moment we were able to show each other all of our acting chops and I was able to admire everybody which was really, really, cool.”

We imagine that shooting scenes that require phsyhical exertion and emotional intiamcy helps to quickly bond the cast. Many of The Wilds actors have shared that they’ve become a type of family and we’re sure they’re pleased to reunite for the production of season 2.