‘The Wilds’: Sarah Pidgeon Hopes ‘New Alliances’ Are Made in the Bunker in Season 3

The Wilds once again left fans wanting more. It’s unknown if the Amazon Prime show will come back for season 3, but one actor revealed where she hopes the characters will be if we see them again.

[Spoiler alert: Warning spoilers for The Wilds Season 2 finale!]

‘The Wilds’ Season 2 ends leaving the door open to continue the story

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Fans got to see how the boys faired in the experiment while following up with the girls. The season ends with a helicopter about to land to save the girls. 

Meanwhile, Seth (Alex Fitzalan) steals a boat from an operative. He then proposes they use it to find help. Kirin (Charles Alexander) and Raf (Zack Calderon) go with him. Seth and Kirin get into another fight, but Seth throws him overboard this time. He then says they should leave him. Raf defends him by beating him.

Leah’s friend, Ian (James Peter Fraser), brings information on Gretchen’s (Rachel Griffiths) experiment to the FBI in a flash-forward. Gretchen’s team decide to leave the site and leave the kids behind. However, Gretchen made it clear she had someone keeping an eye on the group to continue the experiment. That person is a beaten-up Seth. 

‘The Wilds’ cast give their theories about season 3

Sarah Pidgeon as Leah looks shocked and dirty on a beach on 'The Wilds'.
Sarah Pidgeon as Leah on ‘The Wilds’ | Amazon Prime Video

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The cast talked about what’s possible for their future in season 3. Sarah Pidgeon, who plays Leah, told People how she felt about season 2’s ending.

“The cliffhangers are so good,” she said. The actor said the creator and writers hadn’t given them any details about next season. “It was a thrill ride every single time we got those scripts in our inbox,” she said. “There’s just so many unexpected twists and turns and new challenges.”

Pidgeon revealed she wants to see a “chism between everyone in the bunker.” She said, “especially in the boys; there are clearly factions that are sort of divided, then they get back together and then they just fracture so much.”

Of course, the female characters were also at odds at times, and she acknowledged that. “I think that certainly happens with the girls to a certain extent in season 1 but less in season 2,” she said. “I would like to see how those bonds can break again and how new alliances could form, how the suspicions can manifest. I mean, I just can’t imagine what it’s like. You know, they were, these people were trapped in the like open space of an island and I wonder what it will be like if they’re trapped in a bunker together.”

How would the bunker change the show?

Although the teenagers are still technically stranded the access to the bunker could significantly change things for the characters. They’re able to be safe from the elements, sleep in a bed, and probably have access to food. 

There was also a lot of technology in the bunker for the scientists to keep an eye on the groups. But it’s very likely that Gretchen made sure to cut the groups off from the outside world. So what would stay the same is the groups have to rely on each other to survive. 

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