‘The Witcher: Blood Origin’ Episode 1 Gives an Idea of When Jaskier Met Seanchaí in the ‘The Witcher’ Universe

The Witcher prequel series brings back Jaskier the bard to learn the story of the elven race 1200 years ago that led to the Conjunction of the Spheres. The trailers for The Witcher: Blood Origin revealed Jaskier meets an elven storyteller named Seanchaí. The prequel series opens with Jaksier amid a bloody battle before being saved by her, but when does this moment in time take place in The Witcher universe? There are a few clues to break down.

[WARNING: This article contains spoilers for The Witcher: Blood Origin.]

Jaskier meeting Seanchaí in 'The Witcher: Blood Origin'.'
Jaskier meeting Seanchaí in ‘The Witcher: Blood Origin’ | via Netflix

Jaskier is saved from near death thanks to Seanchaí in ‘The Witcher: Blood Origin’

As always, Jaskier is in a pickle and amid absolute chaos. The Witcher: Blood Origin opens with a bloody and disastrous battle between armed soldiers and elves. In the mids of it all is Jaskier, who seems lost, bound at the wrists, and filled with fear.

Time stops as a soldier is ready to kill Jaskier with the sharpness of his blade. Jaskier is bewildered as everything around his has stopped. Unclear of what to do, he resorts to the basics and shouts “Hello!” to see if anyone answers. Amid the many bloodied figures, another version of Jaskier is tidied up and cleaned. Jaskier first believes it may be a doppelganger, but the mysterious entity claims they have many faces, touches a soldier’s sword, and flowers bloom.

They soon change faces into what could be a rider of the Wild Hunt. Jaskier is transported to an open meadow and meets a female storyteller named Seanchaí. She claims that she had a story to tell Jaskier that, hopefully, he could sing back to life.

Jaskier jokes that every story of a group of warriors has been overplayed. But when Seanchaí tells him this story was about the elven race 1200 years ago, the Conjunction of the Spheres, and the first witcher in The Witcher universe, Jaskier is intrigued. But as Jaskier is ready to hear the story after being transported away from the battlefield, it leads to a mystery. Fans are curious to know when in The Witcher universe does Jaskier meet Seanchaí and learn about what happened 1200 years ago.

Could Jaskier have been in the middle of a battle during Northern War II?

A few clues help dissect when Jaskier could have met Seanchaí in The Witcher: Blood Origin. But it is clear that Jaskier meets Seanchaí after the second season due to his appearance and Joey Batey explaining what he learns trickles into the third season. This is because the gravity of what Jaskier learns about the Conjunction would have broken the mystery of Ciri’s power in The Witcher Season 2 and the truth about the monoliths.

Also, Seanchaí refers to Jaskier first as the Sandpiper. As fans know, Yennefer learns of an elven smuggler named the Sandpiper. He protects them with the help of a secret benefactor. The Sandpiper is Jaskier. The Witcher reveals the benefactor is Dijkstra. Clearly, Jaskier meets Seanchaí after the second season, but when?

Back to the battle, when fans first see Jaskier, the soldiers around him are wearing unique armor. In The Witcher: Blood Origin, Jaskier asks Seanchaí why she saved him from the Temerians. Putting the pieces together, the Temerians are in a bloody battle with elves. In Season 2, fans know the elves plan to fight Nilgaard and the humans to bring back their rightful claim to power.

It may be that the battle fans see is part of the Northern War II. At the start of the war, the Thanedd coup took place and is a vital part of The Witcher Season 3. Geralt, Yennefer, and Ciri venture to Aretuza and find themselves amid political chaos. Dijkstra is also part of the battle and leads Redania against Nilfgaard. It may be that the scene in The Witcher: Blood Origin is part of the long-awaited battle between the kingdoms and the elves against NIlfgaard. But it could take place during the third season or after into the fourth.

Jaskier’s new knowledge will likely change ‘The Witcher’

At the end of The Witcher: Blood Origin, Seanchaí finishes her story with Ithlinne’s newest prophecy. A prophecy even Jaksier has not heard of. The Witcher: Blood Origin reveals Éile is pregnant with a child. But that child could be the result of Éile and Fjall’s sexual relations after he became the first prototype witcher. That child leads to the future Elder blood lineage within Ciri.


‘The Witcher’ Season 2: Hinted Jaskier Might Turn Against Geralt Because of His Secret Benefactor

Ithlinne’s prophecy speaks of the Aen Seidhe who were lost in the skies and in time. Her prophecy likely speaks of the Wild Hunt and was teased with Eredin in The Witcher: Blood Origin. But the prophecy ends with, “The Lark’s seed shall carry forth the first note of a song that ends all times, and one of her blood shall sing the last.”

When hearing this, Jaskier wonders who. As Ciri used her voice to destroy the monoliths and summon one in The Witcher Season 2, Jaskier may soon realize who the prophecy is referring to. He must find Geralt and Ciri before it is too late.

The Witcher: Blood Origin is available on Netflix.