‘The Witcher: Blood Origin’: Jaskier’s Story in the Prequel Could Have Taken Place After ‘The Witcher’ Season 2

The Witcher actor Joey Batey will return as Jaskier the bard in Netflix’s prequel series The Witcher: Blood Origin. The four-episode prequel series will tell the story of the continent before the Conjunction of Spheres 1200 years ago when the elven race was supreme. While fans await to see Jaskier in The Witcher Season 3, the character returns in the prequel and is told to reshape the tragic story of the elves. But the question is where in Jaskier’s timeline in The Witcher is he visited by Seanchaí?

Joey Batey as Jaskier in 'The Witcher Blood Origin.'
Joey Batey as Jaskier in ‘The Witcher Blood Origin’ | via Netflix

‘The Witcher: Blood Origin’ trailer reveals Jaskier is given a special task by Seanchaí

Centuries before the events of The Witcher series, The Witcher: Blood Origin explores the power of the elven races before humans and monsters inhabited the land. As fans know, the Conjunction of Spheres led to different worlds colliding and different species learning about each other’s existence.

Throughout The Witcher, the elven people live in hiding despite having their own claim to elemental magic. Part of The Witcher: Blood Origin storyline involves an elven storyteller named Seanchaí (Minnie Driver). She seeks out another equally famous storyteller, Jaskier.

She tells the bard, “You’re a bard, I am a storyteller. I need you to sing a story back to life.” By the way Jaskier looks, some time has passed in The Witcher when they meet. But the question is when Jaskier is tasked with reviving the elven story in the original series?

Jaskier could have met Seanchaí after ‘The Witcher’ Season 2 when he was the Sandpiper

In the first season of the series, Jaskier is much younger, thinner, and has a different style of clothing. He and Geralt break up during the dragon quest in The Witcher. Jaskier then returns in the second season but is a changed man. With no magic, Yennefer hears of an elven smuggler known as the Sandpiper who can help her. She is surprised to learn the Sandpiper is Jaskier and is aided by a secret benefactor.

In The Witcher Season 2, Jaskier is a strong advocate for the elves and helps them find safety from persecution. All the while, he hides his identity as the Sandpiper with his profession as a famous bard. Based on Jaskier’s more grown, muscular, and darker clothing in the second season, it could be that this is when he meets Seanchaí in The Witcher: Blood Origin. But the exact moment is still unclear.

Netflix released an official photo of Jaskier in the prequel series in the midst of a battle and covered in blood. It is hard to place when that photo takes place, whether in the prequel or after The Witcher Season 2. Could it be that learning the truth behind the Conjunction of Spheres and the elven people from Seanchaí in The Witcher: Blood Origin, Jaskier then became the Sandpiper? Or was he already the famed elven savior?

The gravity of what Jaskier learns about the elven race is the crux to further understanding Ciri’s lineage in The Witcher. Looking at the storyline of the second season, Jaskier could not have known the story before meeting Geralt again. The Witcher Season 3 explores Geralt, Yennefer, and Ciri venturing to Aretuza. It may be that Jaskier separates from them after the second season and later meets Seanchaí.

Joey Batey explains how the prequel will merge with ‘The Witcher’ Season 3

Batey returns as Jaskier for The Witcher Season 3, as the showrunner teased he does have a big story to tell. The actor also teased his character might get a few romantic partners as well. But when it comes to the prequel and the third season, Jaskier is the tire between them and the characters. According to ComicBook.com, Batey’s explanation of his character for the third season does hint that Jaskier meets Seanchaí after the second season.


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“Well, I mean he’s very much the bookend and the vessel, the amphora through which this story is being told, and that’s pretty much all he is,” said Batey. “And I think he does take the weight of this story and the wonderful performances and all the artistry that’s been thrown into this show and carries the weight to Declan’s story into season three. This is not the first time we’ve seen the Elven people oppressed and it is about time that someone tries to shape the narrative of that within the continent and try and do some good with this story. So yeah, there might be a little bit of a continuation of it in season three.”

Jaskier becomes the link between two different worlds at different points in time.