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There is a grand mystery in The Witcher prequel series for Netflix. While the storyline focuses on the seven warriors banding together to take down the new Golden Empire, Chief Sage Balor’s story also has some merit to The Witcher universe. Through his story in The Witcher: Blood Origin, a fan met an elusive ball of Celestial Light with a female voice. The origins or identity of the voice is never revealed, but are there clues to who it is?

[WARNING: This article contains spoilers for The Witcher: Blood Origin.]

Chief Sage Balor talking to the Celestial Voice in 'The Witcher: Blood Origin.'
Chief Sage Balor talking to the Celestial Voice in ‘The Witcher: Blood Origin’ | via Netflix

Chief Sage Balor tries to appeal to the celestial voice for guidance in ‘The Witcher: Blood Origin’

Part of the crux of the prequel series revolves around the giant black monoliths that are also seen in The Witcher. In Seanchai’s monologue to Jaskier in The Witcher: Blood Origin about the elven history, she explains someone had learned to tear the veils between the worlds. Fans soon see Chief Sage Balor using a golden compass book to open a gateway from the monolith.

In a barren and dark world, The Witcher: Blood Origin introduces a celestial female voice in the form of a blue light. Balor asks for her help. As Balor continues his quest for power, the celestial voice gives little away of who or what it is. Later in the first episode, he explains that the beast she had given him worked well, but he needs more to be seen as an Emperor despite being a lowborn.

The celestial voice explains he must be willing to sacrifice. In The Witcher: Blood Origin Episode 2, Balor returns to the other world with celestial twins born under a scarlet moon. With their death, the celestial voice gives him a taste of Chaos magic. But it is quickly gone, and the voice says more power requires a more significant sacrifice.

Fans soon learn Balor is willing to do anything for power. In The Witcher: Blood Origin finale, Balor revisits the celestial voice, but this time sacrifices Fenrik, his trusted servant. He is given Chaos magic. The voice then questions him about what he will do with such Chaos.

Is the celestial voice Chaos magic itself?

There are no concrete clues as to who or what is the celestial voice in The Witcher: Blood Origin. Fans learn from Syndril that when he has achieved opening the gateway, he and Balor traveled to the other world. Instead of finding resources, Syndril felt a dark and chaotic presence and magic.

The celestial voice does not mention having a name or a physical form. But she knows a lot about Chaos magic. As The Witcher fans know, Chaos magic only appeared after the Conjunction of the Spheres. Chaos is the opposite of order and can be deadly. But the only way to have Chaos magic is by sacrificing something greater. In The Witcher Season 2, the Wild Hunt also calls Ciri the “starry-eyed child of Chaos.”

It may be that the celestial voice in The Witcher: Blood Origin is Chaos magic itself or a conduit for it. The same energy that flows through Balor when he kills Fenrik is the same color as the light of the celestial voice. The prequel series does not further explore the celestial voice but could play a role in future The Witcher series as the Conjunction caused Chaos magic to arise.

Hiftu Quasem voices the celestial light in ‘The Witcher: Blood Origin’

According to IMDb, Hiftu Quasem is tagged as the Voice of Light in the prequel series. The Witcher: Blood Origin does not reveal the origins of the celestial voice. But the following The Witcher seasons might as elements of the prequel will weave into the grander story moving forward. The main characters will likely dig even further into monoliths, the Conjunction of the Spheres, and how elven history ties into Ciri’s bloodline.


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As for Quasem, she is a rising actor known for her roles in Killing Eve, The Nest, and Endeavour. But according to The Redanian Intelligence, Quasem was rumored to have been cast as Falka in The Witcher Season 3. Falka lived in the 1100s and started a bloody rebellion against her father, King Vridank. Fans will recall the name as Stregobor tells her story in the second season and his affection for her.

According to The Witcher’s official website, Ciri is a descendant of Lara Dorren and Falka. It is unclear if Quasem’s role as the mysterious celestial voice is connected to her rumored casting in the third season.