‘The Witcher’: Everything to Know About the Supposed Spinoff About The Rats and Who They Are

The Witcher universe has gone through a lot in recent months. As the Netflix series will enter its third season in 2023 and The Witcher: Blood Origin, Henry Cavill announced his departure from the series as Geralt of Rivia. While fans speculate why the actor hung up his medallion, they also see doom on the horizon for the series. But according to rumors, Netflix will develop a spinoff series for The Witcher universe based on a group of renegades – The Rats.

'The Witcher' spinoff with focus on The Rats, a group of misfits part of Ciri's story.
Freya Allan as Ciri in ‘The Witcher’ Season 2 | via Netflix

Redanian Intelligence reports ‘The Witcher’ spinoff will focus on The Rats

The Witcher fans are on the edge of their seats about the fate of the beloved fantasy series. According to What’s on Netflix, through Redanian Intelligence, the streaming platform is planning another spinoff series.

Per Redanian Intelligence, “We have learned that the next live-action spinoff of The Witcher will explore the infamous group of young Nilfgaardian misfits called The Rats. In the books, The Rats are featured in Ciri’s storyline as she joins them for a period of time.”

Reports state The Witcher Season 3 will introduce The Rats into Ciri’s storyline. Netflix announced the casting of actor Christelle Elwin as the first member of the renegade group as Mistle. Her character description reads, “Mistle is a member of The Rats, a gang of misfit teenagers who steal from the rich and give to themselves – and sometimes the poor. She is street hard, suspicious of everyone and out for revenge, until a chance meeting that will change everything.”

But the concept idea of The Witcher spinoff is not sitting well with fans. On Reddit, one fan comments, “I’d say this one’s destiny will be linked to Blood Origin; if the latter bombs, this one likely won’t get off the ground.” Another fan worries how they will be written as, “Ugh. The Rats aren’t a ragtag group of goofballs, they’re a crew of murderous, sociopathic children. I don’t see how they will be able to make this sympathetic without completely changing them.”

Who are The Rats in the ‘The Witcher’ universe?

Fans of The Witcher series may not know who The Rats are and why fans are slightly worried. The Rats are a group of bandits, renegades, better described as misfits. They are a group of criminals in Geso who steal from the rich to satisfy their desires. In hindsight, they have little regard for morals.

Mistle’s description is a little lackluster to the grand scheme of who The Rats are. Fans of the series would be surprised to learn The Witcher spinoff is even on the table based on how fans and the books describe The Rats. In reality, The Rats are ruthless murderers.

Ciri joins them in the books for a short period while Geralt is searching for her. The Youtube channel Scarlett Sunday breaks down their history for a more detailed explanation. But The Rats are responsible for the more dark and edgy period of Ciri’s life. They accept her into their group and teach her a grittier way to kill and survive, the opposite of Geralt’s teaching.

Fans of the books have mixed emotions about The Rats and what they stand for. Their adventures are bloody, with many murders and even sexual abuse. They are even tagged as some of the most hated characters in the books.

‘The Witcher: Blood Origin’ is the first prequel spinoff of the Netflix series

Before Netflix officially announces The Rats spinoff, they still have to get through The Witcher prequel. On Dec. 25, Netflix will premiere The Witcher: Blood Origin, taking fans into the backstory of the Continent and Elves. The prequel spinoff takes place centuries before The Witcher and the events that led to the convergence of spheres.


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Fans will get a few answers about the world in the original series. The Witcher: Blood Origin will explore the importance of monoliths, why the convergence happened, and the demise of the elven race. It will also help answer a few mysteries about Ciri’s powers. Not to mention, fans get a backstory into the creation of the first Witcher. The Witcher: Blood Origin will have four episodes.