‘The Witcher’ Season 2 Casts 2 Well-Known ‘Outlander’ Stars

The Witcher is getting a lineup of new characters for season 2. And recent casting news revealed that two Outlander stars are joining Henry Cavill for the Netflix series’s upcoming installment.

Henry Cavill in 'The Witcher'
Henry Cavill in ‘The Witcher’ | Katalin Vermes/Netflix

‘Outlander’ and ‘Men in Kilts’ star Graham McTavish joins ‘The Witcher’ for season 2

Graham McTavish is known for his dual roles in Outlander. In the first few seasons, he played Jamie Fraser’s (Sam Heughan) uncle Dougal McKenzie. And in season 5, he portrayed Dougal’s grown son, Buck McKenzie. Netflix recently revealed that McTavish will join the cast of The Witcher as Sigusmund Dijkstra in season 2. 

“As head of the Redanian Intelligence secret service, double-crossers and ne’er do wells all over the Continent know Sigismund Dijkstra’s name when whispered,” the character description reads. “His impressive style and physical strength are second to his knowledge of kings and mages and getting everything he wants.”

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McTavish, who currently appears on the Outlander spin-off series, Men in Kilts, took to Twitter to share his excitement for this new role. “Delighted to be able to share this news!” he wrote. “Say hello to the extravagantly named Sigusmund Dijkstra!”

‘Outlander’ star Simon Callow will play Codringher in the Netflix series

Simon Callow appeared in the first two seasons of Outlander as the Duke of Sandringham. In season 2 of The Witcher, he will portray Codringher, an investigator who will work alongside Liz Carr’s character, Fenn. Here’s how the Netflix series describes Codringher and Fenn:

“Partners-in-crime — ostensibly, solving crime — Codringher and Fenn deal in the business of information: gathering, knowing, revealing, and even burying, for the right price. Codringher acts as the face of the business, while Fenn stays buried in her research; neither have ever been presented with a mystery as all-encompassing as the one about to drop into their Dorian office.”

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‘The Witcher’ season 2 will also feature 2 Bridgerton stars

Along with McTavish, Callow, and Carr, a few other notable celebrities are joining The Witcher for its second season, including two Bridgerton stars. Adjoa Andoh — who plays Lady Danbury on the Netflix comedy-drama — will portray the Melitele priestess, Nenneke. And Chris Fulton, known for his role as Sir Philip Crane, will take on the part of a fiery page named Rience.

Other cast additions include Cassie Clare, who will appear as the sorceress, Phillipa Eilhart; and Downton Abbey star Kevin Doyle as the elf, Ba’lian. 

With The Witcher season 2 still in production, Netflix has yet to announce an official premiere date. But there is a good chance we’ll get new episodes by the end of 2021.