‘The Witcher Season 2’: Henry Cavill Reaffirmed Kim Bosnia He Was Meant to Become Vesemir After Hearing His Life Story

The Witcher content is far from over as Henry Cavill and Kim Bosnia sat down to discuss their roles in season 2. Sitting in leather armchairs, Bosnia and Cavill talked their on and off-screen relationship as actors and as their characters Geralt and Vesemir. The famed book character and father to the witchers was a big role to fill. But after hearing Bosnia’s life story and connection to the role, Cavill knew he was perfect for The Witcher Season 2.

Kim Bosnia and Henry Cavill in 'The Witcher' Season 2 dressed as Vesemir and Geralt.
Kim Bosnia and Henry Cavill in ‘The Witcher’ Season 2 | via Netflix

Who is Vesemir in ‘The Witcher’ Season 2 and in the books?

As Lauren Schmidt Hissrich and her team bring to life the books created by Andrzej Sapkowski, fans clamored to see their favorite characters on screen. The Witcher Season 2 introduced the bigger world of the witchers. Along with Geralt’s brothers came his father figure Vesemir, played by actor Kim Bosnia.

Vesemir is the most seasoned and skilled witcher, according to the books and series. IGN explains that Vesemir came from a wealthy family but abandoned it to become a monster hunter. He was one of the few who survived the fall of Kaer Morhen. Since then, he perfected his craft and led the following generation of witchers.

In The Witcher, fans only get an idea of Vesemir. He made a cameo when Geralt’s backstory of becoming a witcher was revealed. Vesemir has a bigger presence in The Witcher Season 2 when he welcomes Geralt home and helps protect Ciri. He also realizes Ciri’s lineage and what she is capable of.

Kim Bosnia was meant to play the character Vesemir in ‘The Witcher’ Season 2

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New characters were introduced in the second season. They play a bigger role in the fabric of the storyline moving foward. As Vesmir, Bosnia had to appeal to the father side of the character and as a warrior. In a sit-down interview between Cavill and Bosnia, the actor reveals Cavill reaffirmed him he was meant to play the role.

Fans might be surprised to learn how well Bosnia embodies Vesemir. “I lived in the forest for twenty years, and when I was done telling you about my antics traveling and how it really is to be alone, you said, ‘You are Vesmir,'” said Bosnia.

The interview gets sentimental when Bosnia explains how acting is healing and pushes him to become a better person. Bosnia’s take on life and acting translated to his character as Vesemir in The Witcher Season 2. Cavill told Bosnia, “You truly are Vesemir. It’s the soul you bring into the character.”

Cavill explains working with Bosnia allowed for profound yet small moments of softness for Geralt and Vesemir in The Witcher Season 2.

Will Kim Bosnia return in ‘The Witcher’ Season 3?

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Showrunner Hissirch explains that the third season will continue the main characters’ stories and adapt the Time of Contempt book. Freya Allen, Anya Chalotra, and Henry Cavill are the main actors and characters likely to return. Will Bosnia return to his role as Vesmir?

The official return of Bosnia in The Witcher Season 3 has not been confirmed. Fans can hope as the second season’s finale, and the overall storyline left a lot to be explored with Vesemir. As the witcher world expands, more characters and returning ones take on a bigger role.