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The Witcher Season 2 is no stranger to losing characters. While fans may weep at the loss of many, none will hurt as much as Geralt’s faithful companion. In The Witcher Season 1, Geralt only had one entity he considered his friend. Sorry, Jaskier. Fans can feel the love and bond Geralt has for his horse, Roach. But In The Witcher Season 2, fans will sob as Geralt says goodbye to his loyal friend Roach.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains mild spoilers for The Witcher Season 2.]

Ciri, Geralt and Roach in 'The Witcher' Season 2 wearing cloaks on top of horse.
Ciri, Geralt and Roach in ‘The Witcher’ Season 2 | via Netflix

Roach is Geralt’s most loyal friend in ‘The Witcher’ Season 1

In The Witcher Season 1, Geralt has an infinite affection for his horse. When he is in the forest, he talks to Roach and confides in the animal, like any other friend. Renfri even finds it peculiar, but to Geralt, living a witcher’s life does not allow for many companions.

Fans see just how much Geralt cares for the animal. When he meets Jaskier, he refuses to allow him to touch Roach or ride him. In season 2, the only person he shares Roach with is Ciri. But The Witcher Season 2 has Geralt lose his trusted friend.

Roach is killed by a mutated monster in ‘The Witcher’ Season 2

After Geralt stops Vesemir from injecting the witcher mutagen made with Ciri’s blood into her, he decides to leave Kaer Morhen. As they wander the forest in episode 6, Geralt hears something in the sky. This monster is like nothing ever seen before. It is big and has monstrous wings.

While Geralt tries to keep it at bay with sign magic, it moves toward Ciri. While Geralt warns Ciri to take cover, the monster digs its talons into Roach. After the monster escapes, fans watch Geralt and Ciri pet a fatally wounded Roach. Roach is seen with three deep scratches.

Geralt has no choice but to end Roach’s pain. Fans will weep as Geralt says his final words to his loyal companion. “Enjoy your last walk across the meadow and through the mist. Be not afraid of her, for she is your friend,” says Geralt as he plunges a dagger into Roach’s neck. While having a look of despair, Geralt hears the monster and seeks vengeance.

Why did Geralt name his horse ‘Roach’?


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The Witcher fans might be surprised to learn Roach is not the first of his kind for Geralt. The White Wolf ages slower than humans and therefore lives longer. It means he has also gone through a couple of horses in his time. It is unclear if the Roach from season 1 is the same as The Witcher Season 2.

But according to Looper, “In Sapkowski’s third Witcher novel, Baptism of Fire, Geralt confirms that he names all of his horses Roach.” That is not all, as there is an explanation of why he names them Roach. No, he is not referring to the bug but a fish.

Looper explains that Geralt calls his horses Roach because it is a common fish in Europe where the inspiration for the book series was taken from. This implies the “sea of fishes” metaphor.

But Looper says there is another more affectionate reasoning in Polish that ties better to Geralt and Roach’s relationship in The Witcher. “‘Płotka’ is also an informal or nickname version of the word “płoć,” which literally translates to “roach” or the laxer “roachy.” The word has often been used as a term of affection or endearment.