‘The Witcher’ Star Joey Batey Breaks His Silence on Liam Hemsworth Joining the Series and His ‘Bravery’

The Witcher fans got devastating news in October. Henry Cavill announced he would depart from the fantasy series as Geralt of Rivia after the third season. The actor claims it was time to move on and hang up his medallion. With the heartbreaking news, Cavill announced Liam Hemsworth would be taking up the role of the witcher. Cavill and Hemsworth have commented on the news, but not the rest of the cast. In an interview, The Witcher actor Joey Batey revealed his thoughts on the departure and introduction of a new lead.

Joey Batey as Jaskier in 'The Witcher' Season 2, Episode 6.
Joey Batey as Jaskier in ‘The Witcher’ Season 2, Episode 6 | via Netflix

Joey Batey welcomes Liam Hemsworth to The Witcher’ family

It seems that Culture Crave spilled the beans a little too early. In a now-deleted video of an interview with Batey, the actor shows his lament over Cavill’s departure but his admiration toward Hemsworth for taking on the role.

According to The Gamer, per Redanian Intelligence, Batey has no ill thoughts toward his co-star’s decision. “I sent him a message just saying how much everyone in the show would miss him, myself more so than most because Henry and I are very good pals and we’ve spent the past four years carving out these stories,” explained Batey.

Fans have watched a beautiful friendship blossom between the witcher and the bard for the past two seasons. The grunting and somewhat unfriendly warrior found an unsuspecting likeness toward Jaskier. They are a typical couple, having broken up in the first season, gone through a rough patch, and mended their relationship in The Witcher Season 2. The dynamic between Batey and Cavill as their characters is unmatched.

While fans are hesitant about Hemsworth taking on the well-loved role, Batey has high hopes. “The strength in him and the bravery to come and join a show like this, like halfway through is unbelievable and I hope that everyone knows the commitment that he’s already showing,” said Batey. The actor admits Hemsworth has big shoes to fill but is doing his part to research and get accustomed to the role.

Joey Batey will return as Jaskier in ‘The Witcher’ Season 3

For now, fans are well aware that The Witcher Season 3 will take place after the event of the second season. Great, Yennefer and Ciri will venture to Areetuza for sanctuary and help. But when they arrive, they find themselves in the middle of political upheaval. The third season will have many questions to answer. Geralt is now curious as to why Nilfgaard knew of Ciri’s powers. The season also revealed the White Flame is Duny, answering Geralt’s question.

The third season will also introduce a long list of new characters, including a member of The Rats. Reports claim Netflix is considering a spinoff series based on the renegade group. The Witcher fans have a lot to look forward to, even the return of Batey as Jaskier.

While Netflix has not officially revealed Jaskier in the season, Lauren S. Hissrich teased months ago that the bard will be a big part of the storyline. In The Witcher Season 2, Jaskier has become more infamous, reunited with Geralt, and meets Ciri. But he also has a secret benefactor that could spell out trouble later on.

Jaskier will appear in the prequel series ‘The Witcher: Blood Origin’

While Cavill may be leaving the beloved The Witcher series, Batey is here to stay. Not only will he return for the third season, but he is also reported to appear in The Witcher: Blood Origin. The deleted interview of Batey for Culture Crave was press for the prequel series.

According to Collider, the prequel included Jaskier scenes but underwent some editing and an overhaul that shortened the series to four episodes. But fans should not fear. They will get to see the bard. The Witcher: Blood Origin takes place centuries before the series’ events and likely before Jaskier was born.


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As the prequel catalogs the events that led to the Conjunction of Sphere and what happened to the elven race, Jaskier’s scene will possibly connect past and present. As Jaskier’s songs talk about history and events, his songs might appear as intros to what happened all those years ago. No one can resist a good song by Jaskier.