The X-Files’ Isn’t the Only Sci-Fi Show to Write in a Pregnancy in a Unique Way

While pregnancy is usually something to celebrate, the natural process can get in the way of work for TV actors. Some shows choose to continue with their plotlines, hiding the heavily pregnant actor with creative blocking. But others instead use it as an opportunity to develop a character further. The X-Files wrote in an actor’s pregnancy uniquely. But it isn’t the only sci-fi show to do that.

‘The X-Files’ incorporated Gillian Anderson’s pregnancy with a dark storyline

x-files pregnancy
Agent Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) undergoes testing regarding her pregnancy in ‘The X-Files’ Season 8 episode “Per Manum” | FOX Image Collection via Getty Images

The X-Files is a sci-fi series that originally aired from 1996 until 2001. It followed the adventures of FBI agents Dana Scully and Fox Mulder, played by Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny. The series followed the two agents as they investigated the unexplainable and often dived into the supernatural.

Anderson revealed that she was scared to tell the producers because she didn’t know how it would impact her character on the show. However, they took the news in well. And what they did with it was very clever.

The X-Files writers included Anderson’s pregnancy into the show by giving her an abduction storyline. This plot gave the Sex Education actor an excuse to skip an episode during the show’s second season. Scully then returned, saying aliens abducted her.

As Vulture writes, this led to a throughline in the series initially known for following the “monster-of-the-week” procedural format. Many of those storylines revolved around Scully and pregnancy. Anderson wrote on a Q&A on her website (via The List) that one of her favorite scenes to shoot was one in which her character was experimented on, and her real pregnant belly was shown. 

‘Star Trek: DS9’ also had a clever way of weaving a pregnancy into the storyline

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine saw Major Kira Nerys become suddenly pregnant in late season 4 and into season 5. This, however, didn’t come as a surprise as the show had come up with an ingenious way of incorporating the actor who plays Kira, Nana Visitor’s pregnancy, into the story.

Kira got into relationships with First Minister Shakaar Edon and Vedek Bareil Antos before finally getting together with Constable Odo. However, before she got entangled with Odo, she became a surrogate to Keiko O’Brien and Chief Miles’ baby.

In the fourth season’s penultimate episode, Keiko becomes critically injured, and the team has to look for ways to save the baby. The next best solution is to transfer the baby to an available womb which Dr. Julian Bashir did, forcing Kira to carry the child.

According to Screen Rant, Visitor and Alexander Siddig, who plays Bashir, had gotten into a romantic relationship, leading to her getting pregnant. Instead of writing Kira out due to the pregnancy or finding ways to hide the belly, the DS9 writers came up with a solution to address the issue and allow Visitor to carry on with her job without hiding.

The series’ season 5 premiere also gave a tongue-in-cheek nod to the real reason Visitor was pregnant when her character, arguing with Bashir, said, “Don’t forget this is still your fault.”

Claudia Black’s pregnancy gave ‘Stargate’ a villainous storyline


Like ‘Supergirl,’ These TV Shows Sent Main Characters Away to Hide a Pregnancy

Australian actor Claudia Black got pregnant when filming the sci-fi series Stargate SG-1. She took a break from filming when due and returned in March 2006. The series incorporated the pregnancy into the series by making Black’s character Vala pregnant.

According to People, the show’s executive producer Robert C. Cooper was excited about the possible storyline. He felt they had an excellent opportunity for Black’s Vala to give birth to a new villain.