‘The Young and the Restless’: 4 Characters Who Should Return to the Show When Production Resumes

Production on The Young and the Restless may be currently suspended to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, but we have been thinking about characters who could return to the show. From longtime favorites to newer characters with deep connections to the canvas, these roles should be back on the soap opera, stat!

Tonya Lee Williams in 2015 |
Tonya Lee Williams in 2015 | Isaiah Trickey/FilmMagic

Olivia Barber-Winters

Olivia is the sister of the later Drucilla Barber-Winters, and the two of the most iconic black characters in American daytime soap opera history. With Drucilla’s death several years ago, it is time for Olivia to return to the show on a full-time basis to rightly reclaim her spot as The Young and the Restless royalty.

Her son Nate Hastings, who is currently on the canvas, definitely needs his mother and the Barber-Winters family needs more members on the show. Tonya Williams portrayed the role from 1990-2005. She appeared off and on from 2007-2012. Unfortunately, Williams was out of the country and unable to return for the episode attributing the late Kristoff St. John, who portrayed her brother in law, Neil Winters.

Ana Hamilton

Ana is the biological sister of Devon Hamilton and the daughter of Yolanda Hamilton. Jamia Simone Nash played the character as a child/preteen from 2008-2012. Several years later, it was announced that Loren Lott would be taking over the role as an adult version of the character.

The character was shockingly written off after less than a year from when Lott first stepped into the role. As said with Olivia, the extended Barber-Winters family needs more members in town and it is a shame that a talent like Lott’s was let go to begin with.

Avery Bailey

First introduced in 2011, Avery Bailey Clark is the younger sister of longtime character Phyliss Summers.

Veteran actress Jessica Collins debuted in the role in 2011 and portrayed the character up until 2015 when she was written off. At the time, Collins was unhappy with Avery’s storyline was being written and opted not to renew her contract with the show.

As the never-heard-of-before younger sister of Phyllis Summers, Avery would be great to come back into town as another legal eagle.

Daniel Romalotti

Daniel is the son of longtime character Phyllis and musician Danny Romalotti, tough his biological father is Brian Hamilton. The character was portrayed by child actors from 1994-1998. The character was rapidly-aged and Cam Gigandet was cast in 2004. He was only in the role for a few days before it was recast with Michael Graziadei. He stayed in the role from 2004-2013. Graziadei returned for a guest-starring stint in 2016.


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As many shenanigans as Phyliss gets into, it would be great to have her second child back in town. Plus, Summer gets into just as many shenanigans as her mother so she could use someone giving her sound advice as well. On the other hand, now that Daniel’s ex-wife, Lily Winters, is no longer with her husband, Cane Ashby, this would be a perfect time to reunite the former supercouple. Graziadei frequents primetime gigs so he may not be able to return but the show should be able to find a worthy replacement if he can’t make it.