‘The Young and the Restless’ Sharon and Adam’s Rekindling is Finally Happening

The Young and the Restless debuted on television in 1973 and quickly became one of the biggest daytime dramas of the day. Over the years, the show has retained its position as one of the reigning soap operas, and today, it has viewers of all ages that tune in on a regular basis.

The series has become famous for the way it highlights romantic drama, and there have been many “supercouples” over the years, whose antics resonate with fans. Sharon and Adam Newman are one such supercouple, two characters who have experienced extreme highs as well as deep lows.

But based on some of their recent interactions, they could be ready to put the past behind them and give love another try. 

‘The Young and the Restless’ is a popular soap

Sharon Case plays Sharon Newman on CBS soap opera 'The Young and the Restless.'
Sharon Case plays Sharon Newman on CBS soap opera ‘The Young and the Restless’ | VALERY HACHE/AFP via Getty Images

The Young and the Restless has been responsible for creating some of the most famous soap opera storylines in television. The show, which is a sister series to The Bold and the Beautiful, is one of the biggest daytime dramas of all time.

It has received critical recognition for the character arcs as well as the writing. Many of the actors attached to the show have been around for decades, and many viewers have formed strong attachments to the people portrayed in the series.

Sharon and Adam have a long history

Sharon Newman is a character that first debuted on The Young and the Restless in 1994. She was first introduced as a romantic interest for Nicholas Newman.

Over the years, Sharon has become one of the featured players in the series. She has been through a number of difficult situations over the years and has been married several times. Still, her relationship that really captured the public’s imagination was the one that she shared with Adam Newman.

Adam Newman was introduced to The Young and the Restless in 1995, one year after Sharon’s grand debut. One of the show’s biggest anti-heroes, Adam is a controversial figure in the fan community.

Many viewers love the darker portrayal of the character, and Mark Grossman, who has played the character since 2019, has received major critical acclaim for his acting abilities. Together, Sharon and Adam Newman form one of the show’s most intriguing couples, with fans dubbing them “Shadam.”

Are Adam and Sharon getting back together?


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Adam and Sharon Newman first got together in 2009, marrying and remaining together for over a year before splitting up in 2010. They have both gone on to pursue other relationships, with Adam forming a longtime romance with Chelsea Newman.

Still, fans have been speculating about a renewed romance between Adam and Sharon for some time and, based on some recent developments in The Young and the Restless, Adam and Sharon could be getting back together in the very near future. 

In one of the latest episodes of The Young and the Restless, Sharon surprises Adam at his hotel room, admitting to him that she’s terrified about her future and her health issues. Adam comforts Sharon, and she falls asleep in his hotel room, with a later camera shot revealing that Adam has been at her side all the while.

At the end of the episode, Chelsea shows up at the hotel room, and seeing Sharon there, is understandably startled. Many fans on social media are taking this recent development as a sign that Adam and Sharon are definitely back “on.” A Twitter thread suggesting that Chelsea and Adam are over for good is full of comments from fans who are thrilled by the possibility of “Shadam” reuniting. 

While the future of their relationship remains unknown, it certainly looks as though fans’ hopes for the pair are finally being realized.