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T.I. really doesn’t shy away from sharing his opinions or habits. The Grammy-winning artist can be seen dispensing advice or chopping it up with guests on his expediTIously podcast and hanging out with family on VH1’s T.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle.

As an actor, rapper, executive producer, family man, and podcast host, T.I. has his plate full. But there’s one type of food he’d prefer to keep off of it. Diehard T.I. fans may recall seeing him throw down in the kitchen to cook for his wife Tiny Harris or in a cook-off with his mom, but he has his preferences.

Rapper T.I.
Rapper T.I. | Robin L Marshall/Getty Images for BET

T.I. has a handful of favorite comfort foods

Back in 2017, the rapper sat down with VH1 to name some of his favorite restaurants in Atlanta. At the time, he rattled off Busy Bee Café, J.R. Cricket’s, The Cheetah, and Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse.

But T.I. recently spoke to Men’s Health about his eating habits and shared that he stopped eating red meat and is mainly a pescatarian now.

He said he’s been on that diet since 2016 but backslid into eating chicken again during the pandemic. However, on a bad day, he said he’ll load up on some fried chicken, crab legs, and French fries.

There is one particular food T.I. isn’t a fan of

Now 40, T.I. expressed that he’s more conscientious of his eating habits. That doesn’t mean he’s down for every fish-related dish. Men’s Health asked him which food he hates, and he said sushi.

“I don’t care much for sushi. It’s kind of like two of my pet peeves in foods together. I don’t like raw, uncooked meat and I don’t like cold food.” He said he’s not into chilled seafood towers either.

In addition to that, T.I. joked there is one food item you’ll never find in his fridge, and that’s raisin-filled potato salad. He’s not alone in that. What he does prefer is fruits, salmon, ginger ale, and tea over coffee. He’s also kicked beer out of his diet.


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T.I. just celebrated a birthday

T.I. discussed turning 40 (his birthday was Sept. 25) and how the milestone impacted his health regimen. He credits sticking to a workout plan and meat-free diet as the keys to looking younger and not feeling older.

It’s something he’s been doing for years and acknowledged that after he hit age 34, he noticed his metabolism changed.

Back in 2018, the rapper was a guest on Atlanta’s Head Krack radio show and discussed how he changed his eating habits. He shared that after dropping meat and poultry for fish, he had more energy and his aches and pains disappeared. “When I let the meat go, I didn’t feel it anymore,” he said.

Tip welcomed Dr. Sebi’s family on his podcast this past December to discuss healthy eating. He’s one member of the hip-hop community that’s been vocal about transitioning to healthier foods. Fans can listen to T.I.’s show via Apple, Spotify or YouTube.