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Season 2 of The Mandalorian has notably been a lot more high-stakes than the first season. Mando is trying to get Baby Yoda to the Jedi to help hone in his abilities and has learned a lot more about the ex-Empire than he planned. The finale is poised to be quite the showdown, and there is one similarity between Pedro Pascal’s Din Djarin and his former Game of Thrones character that could have fans more on the edge of their seats than usual. [Spoiler alert: Spoilers ahead for The Mandalorian Season 2, through the current episode]

Din Djarin is determined to get Grogu back

Grogu and Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal) in Season 2 of 'The Mandalorian'
Grogu and Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal) in Season 2 of ‘The Mandalorian’ | Disney+ / Lucasfilm Ltd.

This season, Din and Baby Yoda became closer. By the end of Season 1, Mando was already risking a lot for the kid. But by Season 2, he is much more attached to him. And as Ahsoka Tano points out mid-season, he’s a father figure to his foundling. He’s not just trying to get him to the Jedi; he’s quite literally his dad. 

With that said, Grogu — which, as Ahsoka revealed, is Baby Yoda’s real name — is now missing. The little, 50-year-old child who everyone has now grown to love, was taken by Moff Gideon and the Empire so that his midi-chlorian cells can help power their lab experiment. Which looks like is the start of Snoke’s creation

Last fans saw, Din left Moff Gideon a chillingly calm message over hologram, where he said that he’s coming for him because he has Grogu. “He means more to me than you will ever know,” Mando said, reiterating the same thing Moff Gideon said to Din in Season 1 about Grogu. Although back then, Baby Yoda was just the piece of a puzzle for him. For Din, Grogu is family. 

Both Din Djarin and Oberyn Martell are going into their final battles with big spears; will they face the same fate?

And even though Din lost his Razor Crest, which is a big deal, he still has his beskar armor, his weapons, his jetpack, and his beskar spear he gained from Corvus. One remarkable attribute about beskar is that it can withstand the force and laser effects of a lightsaber. Fans saw this when Ahsoka went up against Morgan Elsbeth, whose spear Mando now has. 

This is important because not only is Mando covered in beskar and somewhat protected from Moff Gideon and the Darksaber he wields, but he now has an offensive weapon (the spear) that won’t be impacted by the Darksaber either. 

However, there is something a bit frightening about Din’s possible fate. Pascal’s characters tend to die a lot. Take his tiny role on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Or his way bigger role on Game of Thrones.

He played Oberyn Martell in the show’s fourth season. He was the sexy, charismatic Prince of Dorne. He went up against the Mountain and nearly won with his spear and quick feet. He was talented and fast, however, he became consumed with his vengeance and rage for his sister’s death. He underestimated the Mountain’s mortality and his head got obliterated. 

What does Pedro Pascal think of Din Djarin possibly dying? It’s a dangerous world he lives in


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So, Pascal is not just playing one, but now two characters who are avenging a loved one with a spear in tow? He doesn’t have a good track record, however, this show is called The Mandalorian. And it’s getting a Season 3. Odds are, Din won’t die in the finale. However, never say never in Star Wars

As for what Pascal thinks of his character’s chance of survival, he obviously is very mum about it. He spoke with Digital Spy all the way back in April and said that the world of Star Wars is a scary place.

“Oh, God, I have no idea, and I think it’s such a dangerous world he navigates in that, of course, everyone’s in danger,” Pascal said when they asked him about his characters’ tendency to kick the can. “And especially since [Game of Thrones and Buffy] have set the tone for those kind of shocking surprises. Who knows?”

He went on to say that Star Wars “has its own set of rules” as well, but “anything is possible.” Looks like everyone has to wait for the finale eighth episode to figure out what’s going to happen.