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It’s been awhile since we’ve heard of a Duggar courtship going on, and it seems all eyes are on James Duggar to see if he’s next. James is 19 and still living with Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. While he’s young, he’s certainly old enough to court — and there’s no doubt it’s on the brain for the entire family. Now, it looks like evidence is mounting that James may be involved with Kendra Duggar’s sister, Lauren Caldwell. Here’s what everyone’s noticing.

Rumors spread that James Duggar had involvement with Kendra Duggar’s sister, Lauren Caldwell

Joseph Duggar and Kendra officially started courting back in 2017 — and it wasn’t long before they tied the knot. Now, it looks like it might be James’ turn to court another Caldwell. But he’s not the only Duggar associated with Lauren. According to The Hollywood Gossip, rumors swirled that Lauren was definitely courting a Duggar — but no one could figure out which one.

The source notes Lauren was originally rumored to be courting Jason Duggar. Jason is 20, so he’s a year older than James. Despite the rumors, Jason doesn’t appear to be currently courting anyone. Though he certainly raised eyebrows when he started up his Instagram, as the Duggars typically only have social media accounts when they’re courting or married. Now, the rumors regarding Lauren are centered on James.

We can’t forget that the Caldwells and the Duggars have always been close. Jim Bob knows Pastor Paul Caldwell, Kendra and Lauren’s father. And they seem to have similar ideals when it comes to their families.

Joseph and Kendra Duggar posted photos showing James on their family vacation

Kendra and Joseph don’t post too often to Instagram, but they did recently include photos from their family vacation. On Aug. 10, the couple added pictures from their trip with the Caldwell family to the lake. “It’s always fun spending time together on the lake!” the couple captioned the photos.

The photo series mostly contained photos of Kendra, Joseph, and Kendra’s family. But there’s an additional photo showing James. James is in the middle of two of Kendra’s other siblings, though Lauren isn’t featured in the photo. It doesn’t look like any other Duggars attended the vacation, either.

“Is that James?” one Instagram follower commented.

“I’m thinking its him and Kendra’s sister I forget her name they might be next,” another added.

Duggar family critics think James and Lauren are definitely together


Jason and James Duggar Just Graduated From School — Are Either of Them Courting?

Reddit users saw the post on Kendra and Joseph’s Instagram as well. While many aren’t convinced that James and Lauren really are courting, others think James’ involvement in the family outing would be strange otherwise.

“I have longgg believed that Jason (not James) Duggar is in some kind of pre-arrangement with Lauren Caldwell,” one Reddit user noted. “I saw people mention James, but I was skeptical. … But this seems kind of weird unless there is something going on between James and Lauren … why else would James randomly be there?”

“It’s weird, looking through the pics I can’t find Lauren,” another noticed. “If he was there for that reason shouldn’t she be? Or maybe they think that if they don’t show her that no one will speculate on a relationship ….”

“Perhaps she was meant to be in pre-courting with Jason but James got along with her better,” another said of Lauren.

We’ll find out sooner rather than later if James and Lauren really are courting. For now, eagle-eyed fans and critics will continue to speculate.

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