These 2 Actors May Compete to Play Moon Knight in the MCU

With the release of Disney+, the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) will divide its content between the cinema and the small screen moving forward— initiating a dialogue between the two mediums, in which stories on opposite platforms interweave and depend on each other. Meaning, while Moon Knight is set to be an upcoming Disney+ Marvel show, the actor chosen to portray the character will likely enter the film landscape as well, signing a contract to appear in mash-up films when necessary. 

Moon Knight and Spider-Man
Moon Knight and Spider-Man | Marvel via Getty Images) SPIDER-MAN, MOON KNIGHT

So, who is Moon Knight, why does the character matter, and who is most likely to portray the son of a Rabbi turned CIA operative, turned morally gray mercenary? 

What you need to know about Moon Knight 

While the MCU does not always stick to comic book origins, it’s likely that Moon Knight will retain some of his historical legacy. Moon Knight — also known as Marc Spector — is the son of a Rabbi whose family fled Europe to escape the Holocaust in the 1930s. (If the character is to exist in the present, post-Avengers: Endgame timeline, this origin tale may receive adjustments).

As Marc Spector aged, he came to reject his father’s ways — his north-facing moral compass, compassion, etc — and he embraced materialism, as Marvel Fandom notes. He became a heavyweight boxer before becoming a U.S Marine, and eventually a CIA operative. After a series of unfortunate events — and a little too much heartache — left Spector distrustful of the CIA, he became a mercenary, spending years as a gun for hire. 

On a mission in Sudan, Spector was killed. However, when his dead body was placed at the feet of the moon god’s statue, he suddenly arose, believing the Moon God restored his life to act as the moon’s knight of vengeance, and so the story goes. 

Who will play Moon Knight: Daniel Radcliffe or Pedro Pascal? 

While several rumors point to Daniel Radcliffe as the man destined to play Moon Knight, including We Got This Covered, Geek Tyrant, Cosmic Wonder, etc., he is not the only actor who reportedly has a good shot at the role. 

Radcliffe will likely come head-to-head with another actor who is quickly becoming a household name: The Mandalorian lead Pedro Pascal. According to Marvel Insider Mikey Sutton, Pascal “clicks the right buttons” for the role in the studio’s eyes. Sutton Stated:

…The Mandalorian‘s star is truly beginning to soar. According to several inside sources I spoke to, the Mandalorian himself — Pedro Pascal — is on the list of actors being considered to play Moon Knight for the MCU. They stress that no talks or any negotiations have begun yet but Pascal clicks the right buttons for the role…

Mikey Sutton, Geekosity: All Things Pop Culture

So, who will it be? Will Marvel Studios choose a man intimately connected to the boy who lived, or a man forever tied to the Star Wars franchise? While no confirmation exists, reports suggest that one of these two actors will snag the title role, becoming a part of another massively successful cinematic universe. For either actor, joining the MCU will mean joining another landscape with a massive fan following and legacy to uphold.