These 5 Heroes Will Become the MCU’s Primary ‘New Avengers’ Following ‘Avengers: Endgame’: Breaking Down Phase 4 and Beyond

Avengers: Endgame bid Iron Man farewell via a narratively poised (yet no less tear-jerking sacrifice) and removed Captain America from the franchise via some much-deserved time heist magic. However, in addition to closing doors, the movie has opened new pathways for the Marvel Cinematic Universe to explore. Based on information already available concerning Phase 4, determining the likely culprits for the MCU’s New Avengers, presumed to be coming in Phase 5, is not all too difficult. 

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Marvel Studios’ ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Screening at The Fox Theatre | Paras Griffin/Getty Images for Avengers: Infinity War

First off, it has all but been confirmed that an A-Force movie is on the horizon; meaning, several soon-to-be supers will join the all-female super force as opposed to the New Avengers. Jane Foster (Mighty Thor), Captain Marvel, She-Hulk, Valkyrie, and the Wasp will presumably constitute the majority of the A-Force. 

Furthermore, given the recent leaks concerning The Illuminati, Doctor Strange will come to lead an individual superhero team — featuring members of great intelligence and ability — tasked with combating extra-terrestrial threats the Avengers are not suited to confront. Thus, only a handful of possible faces remain and, if breaking down upcoming Disney+ shows and cinematic installments, one can make a few educated guesses. Let’s go through the team, before getting to the hero bound to lead the group.

1. Hawkeye (Kate Bishop)

Considering Hawkeye will reportedly introduce Clint Barton’s successor — Kate Bishop — it goes without saying that the next character to carry this name will become a new Avenger, following in the footsteps of the sharp-shooter before her. Clint Barton will train Kate Bishop and, aside from contributing to What If…?, Barton will presumably bow out following the Disney+ show, leaving Jeremy Renner to explore new movies and shows. 

2. Iron Lad (Harley Keener)

Remember that kid who helped out Tony Stark in Iron Man 3, and then appeared at Stark’s funeral in Avengers: Endgame? There’s a reason Marvel Studios kept him around, and then placed the actor in the Infinity Saga’s conclusion for a matter of seconds. He will likely —  as he is also quite adept with technology — come to carry the Iron Man mantle, but as a younger counterpart — Iron Lad. While the Iron Lad origin story in the comics is different, using Keener — a face fans already know and have an emotional attachment to — would be a safe way to transfer the Iron Man suit (in terms of fan satisfaction). 

3. Young Loki 

According to inside sources, Loki will get stuck in his childhood body at some point during Thor: Love and Thunder. The childhood and female versions of Loki will reportedly first appear in the character’s Disney+ show. 

Once he is stuck, Marvel Studios will possess a way to remove Tom Hiddleston’s character, and introduce a new, younger version of Loki as the permanent God of Mischief. The catch: the kid will have the memories and life experiences of a much older man. Meaning, since Loki came to lean towards heroism over villainy in the end, he may use his second chance at life to become an MCU hero…probably a reluctant one. 

4. Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan)

In the comics, Ms. Marvel fills a similar place in readers’ hearts as Spider-Man, and the character is often seen as his successor. She is young and inspired by Captain Marvel, but would likely take on a role beside the New Avengers, with Peter Parker as a mentor, which brings us to our leader.

5. Spider-Man (Peter Parker): Leader 

As time passes, Spider-Man will continue to age, gaining experience and wisdom along the way. And, if all goes well with Sony, Marvel Studios will capitalize on the relationship, turning Parker into the leader he is destined to be (don’t forget he was Stark’s protege). If the New Avengers are really the Young Avengers, a young, but slightly more mature leader will make sense, leaving Parker as the most likely leader of the MCU’s New Avengers.