These Are Roger Federer’s Strangest on-Court Habits

Tennis superstars Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal occupy a rare space in the sporting world. Both have earned the rank of living legends. Both are considered to be among the greatest tennis stars in the world. Both consistently come across as likable individuals, who have the ability to connect on a real basis with fans all around the world.

Still, Federer and Nadal are human, just like everyone else. And they have their own weird quirks that make are truly fascinating. The two have their bizarre on-court rituals that fans may not know about.

Why is Roger Federer such a big tennis star?

Roger Federer of Team Europe celebrates his win during Day 3 of the Laver Cup 2019 at Palexpo in Geneva, Switzerland.
Roger Federer | RvS.Media/Monika Majer/Getty Images

Born in 1981, Federer rose to fame in Switzerland, ultimately earning his stripes at Wimbledon in the late 1990s. Federer is ranked world No. 3 in men’s singles tennis by the Association of Tennis Professionals and has earned many awards and honors during the course of his career. A few of the awards that Federer has received include eight Wimbledon titles, five US Open titles, and is one of only eight men to have gotten a Career Grand Slam. 

What are Roger Federer’s on-court habits?

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Many artists and athletes rely on rituals or talismans that they believe will bring them luck in their endeavors. Federer is no different and has his own series of quirks that might not have much to do with his success on the court. But, in his mind, probably make a big difference.

According to an anonymous tennis expert, Federer knows what is happening on the court at all times. The source stated that he watches everyone from the other players to the ball boys. And if he sees that someone is short one ball, he’ll hit one over to them. That level of awareness speaks not only to his professionalism but to his deep love of the game. 

The source also stated that Federer is known for being very calm when playing and that if he ever gets agitated, there must be something really bothering him. 

When did Rafael Nadal start playing tennis?

Only a few years younger than Federer, Nadal was born in Spain in 1986. Nadal started playing tennis at the tender age of three and by the time he was eight years old, he was winning regional tennis championships. It was clear that Nadal had a career in the sport and, after his 15th birthday, he turned professional. Overall, Nadal has won 19 Grand Slam singles titles, the second in history for a male tennis player. Nadal has also won twelve French Open titles, four US Open titles: 84 career titles overall.

What are Rafael Nadal’s odd on-court quirks?

The same anonymous source who tipped off Deadspin magazine on Federer’s behavior on the court also opened up about Nadal’s quirks. The source said that Nadal favors specific areas of the court and that he’s got a routine for every point. The source also said that Nadal is very disciplined about the order in which he does things and that he very clearly enjoys having a set routine in place, including putting his water bottle in the same spot repeatedly.

Reportedly, Nadal is very particular about the towels that he uses and has been known to take towels from hotels because he prefers the fluffier texture, rather than using the towels provided by the U.S. Open. Supposedly, he stuffs his duffel bag full of the hotel towels and carries them with him to matches.

There’s no doubt that whatever their quirks might be, Federer and Nadal are invaluable assets to the world of professional tennis.