These ‘Perfect Match’ Cast Members Say They Wouldn’t Return for Another Season [Exclusive]

Netflix recently debuted the final four episodes of its new reality dating competition, Perfect Match, on Feb. 28. The series features former stars of shows like The Mole, Sexy Beasts, Too Hot to Handle, and more. Hosted by Nick Lachey, Perfect Match brings together a sexy group of singles to see if they can find their ideal partner ranked by how well they do in compatibility challenges. Showbiz Cheat Sheet recently sat down with several of the Perfect Match cast members, and many of them said they wouldn’t do the show again.

[WARNING: This article contains detailed spoilers regarding Perfect Match Episodes 1-12.]

'Perfect Match' cast members Chloe Veitch and Georgia Hassarati sit at a table wearing bikinis in a production still from the series.
These ‘Perfect Match’ cast members say no way they’d return for another season. | Netflix

‘Perfect Match’ star Chloe Veitch described the show as ‘emotionally scarring’

While Perfect Match aimed for all fun and games in the name of love, it seems as though many of the cast members had a negative experience. Chloe Veitch, Anne-Sophie Petit-Frere, Georgia Hassarati, and Francesca Farago sat down to talk with us recently. We discussed how much the stars knew about the competition before arriving.

Chloe broke her finger right before filming for Perfect Match began, and she hoped it didn’t involve any sort of strenuous challenges. While she didn’t find the challenges strenuous, she said she found the show more ‘“emotionally scarring” than anything else.

When we asked the women if they would appear on Perfect Match again, Chloe said, “I think I would enjoy watching it more than being on it. I would love to see other people go on the show and then for me to watch it.”

Georgia was also adamant she wouldn’t do the show again. Plus, Francesca, who is currently in a relationship, added that she wouldn’t do it because she’s no longer single.

Some of the men from ‘Perfect Match’ were also a hard no on returning for another season

Joey Sasso, Dom Gabriel, and Mitchell Eason also sat down to chat with us. While Dom and Joey left matched up (Joey actually left Perfect Match engaged to Kariselle Snow), the relationships ended after filming. Mitchell left single. We posed the same question about returning, thinking they may want to give the love another shot. However, it seems like their experiences could’ve been better as well.

Joey immediately answered no, adding, “Here’s the thing. I’ve just gotta be honest about it. I went on this show not knowing what to expect and really led with my heart. I’ve never asked anyone to marry me before, and that was a lot emotionally. I just feel like to be like, ‘Yo! I’m back again to try to find love! I got engaged last time, but it didn’t work!’ I don’t feel like that’s for me at this point.

Anne-Sophie and Mitchell aren’t ruling out a return

Anne-Sophie had a different take on the matter, though. “If I got to handpick the guys that were going to be on the show, then yes, I would definitely want to be back.”

Mitchell is also open to the possibility of trying Perfect Match again. “ I’m on the fence at this point,” he told us. “I mean, I just recognize I’ve got a lot to work on personally and continue to grow as a man in a relationship. Is another dating show the best fix for that? I don’t know. If it came up, though, I would definitely be open to it because I am open to dating, and working on finding love in my future is something I definitely plan on. I think just for right now, in this moment I’m going to work on myself and just be the best me I can be.”

All episodes of Perfect Match are currently streaming on Netflix.