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Mayim Bialik is trading guest hosting duties with GOAT Ken Jennings through the rest of 2021 on Jeopardy!. The former Blossom star is quite vocal on her desire to man the quiz board permanently, calling the gig her “dream job”. When she first showed an interest serving at the iconic podium, a pal from her previous hit show The Big Bang Theory knew she’d nail it.

Mayim Bialik smiling in a floral dress and sitting on a couch in a scene from 'Call Me Kat'
Mayim Bialik | FOX via Getty Images

Mayim Bialik got a quasi ‘I told you so’ from this ‘Big Bang Theory’ guest star

Bialik spoke of guest hosting for the legendary game show in a recent Newsweek article. She revealed that a former co-star predicted she would be selected to stand at the legendary lectern.

“The first person to say to me, ‘You’re going to get this gig’ had been my long time friend and The Big Bang Theory guest cast member, Wil Wheaton,” Bialike wrote. “So when the news came out, he immediately said: ‘I was right! I knew it!'”

Making her directorial debut on the film As Sick as They Made Us, Bialik received congrats from some A-list cast members when the news of her new role broke.

“The person I hear from most quickly after Jeopardy! news hits the press is Candice Bergen, who stars in my movie,” Bialik shared. “She obviously has her finger on the pulse, because I get an email as soon as any news about me comes out. Dustin Hoffman, who co-stars in my movie, also emailed me when he saw the news about me hosting more regularly. … During filming of As Sick as They Made Us, they were both reporting to me as my episodes were airing, telling me how I did the night before.”

‘Jeopardy!’ may be a better gig than ‘The Big Bang Theory’

Bialik won raves from viewers and critics in her role as Amy Farrah Fowler on The Big Bang Theory from 2010 to 2019. Nominated for an Emmy Award four years in a row for her performance, Bialik shared her fondness for her time on the show. Yet moderating the quiz board on Jeopardy! may actually outrank the sitcom in the category of dream jobs.

“When I left The Big Bang Theory, I said that there would never be another job like it,” Bialik revealed. “It was the best job I had ever had, besides being a parent. I can now say that there is no other job I’d rather have than this job on Jeopardy!” 

The mom of two gave an example of what she’s willing to sacrifice in order to secure a permanent place at the Jeopardy! podium.

“I joke that I would give up my first child to host permanently!” Bialik quipped. “I think my son and I have a close enough bond that he will come back to me!”

Mayim Bialik’s acting experience comes in handy on ‘Jeopardy!’

Bialik holds a doctorate in neuroscience, which she thought may be put to use on the iconic game show. Between her higher education and career in TV and film, she expected to use both skill sets while moderating the Jeopardy! board.

“I do go back and forth every day that I work,” she remarked, “trying to decide whether it’s more helpful that I’m an actor who happens to be able to think on their feet, or that I’m a scientist who can pronounce a lot of words that other people may have a harder time pronouncing.”


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Turns out her acting creds have come into play more than her Ph.D.

“Unfortunately, my science credentials don’t not help me as much as I wish they would!” Bialik said. “But being an actor who thinks very quickly—although not always correctly!—has definitely helped. I’d say about 75 percent of the time it’s helpful that I am an actor.”