This Former First Daughter Has a Proud History of Posing for Playboy

Being a first family in the White House certainly has its perks. But, having a high-profile address and title also comes with super scrutiny of the family’s dynamic. There’s not a president that hasn’t felt the family-magnified microscope.

We found one former first daughter who wasn’t afraid to bare it all. In fact, she’s downright proud of her Playboy posing history. You may be surprised to learn which daughter graced pages of the iconic and controversial magazine.

The White House
The White House | Zach Gibson/Getty Images

First children making unfavorable headlines

Looking back over history, there were countless first children who had reputations for being troublemakers. Irvin Garfield, son of President James Garfield, was constantly scolded for scaling down the White House stairs on his bicycle. Alice Roosevelt, daughter to President Theodore Roosevelt, was known to smoke, gamble, and carry a pet snake.

She supposedly tried to curse the incoming first lady, Nelly Taft, by burning a voodoo doll in the White House too. President Lincoln’s two youngest sons, despite the stoic and honest reputation of their father, were ultimate pranksters. Their stunts included hosting a yard sale on the White House lawn and tying goats to a sled to pull them through a high-profile reception.

Jimmy Carter’s daughter

Jimmy Carter, while beloved now for his community service work, had his hands full with daughter Amy. She was young during his reign in office, and it wasn’t until later in her young adult life, that she became and arrest-worthy protester and political activist.

George W. Bush’s daughters didn’t at all appear to be troublemakers when he first was elected to office. They did, however, get all the shaming when they were later accused of underage drinking and trying to ditch their security detail.

Some of the most embarrassing White House family debacles

It’s not always the children who bring shame and embarrassment to the White House. Presidents have also had bad press due to the actions of close family members as well. Surely, you remember Roger Clinton, Jr.? President Bill Clinton’s half-brother served time in prison for cocaine, only to later embark on a mission to become a famous star.

You may remember him in movies like Pumpkinhead II: Blood Wings, or Bio-Dome. Bill Clinton pardoned Roger’s drug conviction. But Roger went ahead and earned a DUI shortly after that.

Some say no presidential sibling was more embarrassing than Billy Carter, brother to Jimmy. Billy was a man of beer and most known for his outlandish press comments and terrible behavior.

By terrible, we mean, it’s pretty embarrassing for a sitting president to get word of his brother’s public urination stunt at Atlanta’s airport.

Which first daughter is proud to be in Playboy?

While the children of the White House haven’t all been mild-mannered, there’s one former first daughter who’s proud of her Playboy adventures. Patti Davis, daughter of President Ronald Reagan, spent many of her younger years with addiction.

At the age of 42, she thought she’d make a healthy change and take an athletic approach to pose for Playboy.

In past interviews, she’s talked about how proud she is of the shoot, despite the criticism. She is equally proud of her fitness efforts that have led her to a healthier lifestyle.

She stripped again at age 58 to pose as a centerfold. Boasting she hadn’t surgically altered anything below the neck, Patti did admit to having a facelift at age 50.

Patti Davis was very different from her Presidential father. In fact, she gave up the Reagan name and embarked on a free spirit and hippie-living lifestyle. Some say she was a true hippie of the day, which was a direct contradiction to her father’s conservativism and her mother’s anti-drug campaigns.

Considering some of the embarrassing moments of other presidential family members, a Playboy shoot might not seem that detrimental.