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It’s no secret that This Is Us fans were upset when NBC announced that season 6 would be the show’s final outing. However, the cast and crew were able to end the series on their own terms and give the Pearson family the ending they deserved. And even though a This Is Us spinoff or revival won’t happen anytime soon, one star is hopeful that they can revisit the idea in a decade.

Justin Hartley and Chris Sullivan, in character as Kevin and Toby in the NBC show 'This Is Us,' share a scene. Kevin wears a gray cardigan over a brown shirt. Toby wears a gray vest over a blue plaid shirt.
Justin Hartley as Kevin and Chris Sullivan as Toby | Photo by: Ron Batzdorff/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

‘This Is Us’ ended after season 6

After six successful seasons, This Is Us ended with the show’s series finale on May 24, 2022. The final episode focused on Rebecca’s funeral and flashed back to a lazy Saturday for the Pearsons when the Big Three were younger.

Randall struggled to find the perfect words to say at his mother’s service. But when the time came, he gave his speech and completely forgot what he said following it. Kevin also said some words, and Kate sang “Time After Time” by Cyndi Lauper.

Later, the Big Three promised to stay close despite their mother being gone. And during their conversation, Randall implied that he might run for President of the United States. He contemplated attending the Iowa State Fair, where presidential candidates often make appearances.

And the flashback perfectly summed up what was so special about the Pearson family. There is beauty in the simple things, and that’s exactly what the ending was — simple yet beautiful. Now, This Is Us fans must trudge on without new episodes of their favorite show. However, some hope that the cast and crew might reunite in the future.

1 ‘This Is Us’ actor would be open to reviving the show

While speaking with TV Insider, This Is Us star Chris Sullivan, who played Toby, shared his thoughts about a revival show or reunion movie.

“Oh, for sure!” the actor said. “I know we’ll be doing our own individual reunions. I think we should [revive] the show in 10 years. No one will have to put on age makeup or ‘gray out’ their hair.”

So fans, keep your eyes out for This Is Us news in 2032. In the meantime, there have also been rumblings about a This Is Us spinoff show.


NBC Wanted ‘This Is Us’ to Last for More Than 6 Seasons

‘This Is Us’ creator Dan Fogelman shut down rumors regarding a spinoff of the show

Unfortunately for This Is Us fans, it’s unlikely that the NBC show will get a spinoff. Following the series finale, creator Dan Fogelman sat down with Deadline to dissect the final episode and ponder what was next.

“I think I’m pretty set on this being it,” he revealed. “I think that this show was always about this generation of the family and the sprawl of their family within those times. Obviously, there’s more stories to potentially be told on the adult lives of their children and grandchildren, but that was never the intent of the series.”

Fogelman added, “Every generational family novel can go back further and go forward further if you so choose. We had the beginning, middle, and end points of where our timeline would start, center and end, and this was always the plan.”

This Is Us is available to stream on Peacock and Hulu.

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