‘This Is Us’ Creator Dan Fogelman Denies the Possibility of a Spinoff, ‘We’re Definitely Bringing It to the End’

This Is Us is coming to an end after season 6, and fans are trying to prepare for what the series finale has in store for the Pearson family. But with the end near, many wonder if a spinoff or continuation is in the works. Unfortunately, This Is Us creator Dan Fogelman revealed that a spinoff is not currently in the back of his mind.

The 'This Is Us' cast and crew, including Milo Ventimiglia, Chrissy Metz, Chris Geere, Griffin Dunne, Caitlin Thompson, Chris Sullivan, Carolyn Cassidy, Mandy Moore, Susan Kelechi Watson, Asante Blackk, Dan Fogelman, Jon Huertas, Justin Hartley, Lisa Katz, Eris Baker, Sterling K. Brown, Faithe Herman, and Lyric Ross, pose for a group picture at the premiere of season 6.
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Dan Fogelman shuts down ‘This Is Us’ spinoff speculation

Before the This Is Us Season 6 premiere, Dan Fogelman spoke with Entertainment Weekly about the final episodes. And when asked about the possibility of a spinoff, he addressed that he doesn’t want to stop making This Is Us but knows that season 6 is the perfect place to end the Pearson family’s story.

“I mean, you have your moments,” the creator shared. “It’s a testament to how much I like the people on this show and how much the crew loves each other. You have this very definitive thing that you’ve been thinking about for six years, and you can’t help but suddenly go, ‘Oh man, this is actually really happening. It’s actually ending. But what if?'”

Fogelman continued, “Honestly, more than the commerce of it all, we’re not all ready to end making this show. But I’ve been pretty firm on creatively just knowing that it would be really hard to go past where we’ve gone this year. And it would be hard to keep the level where we’ve all tried to keep the level. So it definitely feels like the end and the time to go.”

“Who the hell knows?” he concluded. “My wife is very excited to go turn on the Sex and the City show all this time later. So I’m not speaking about the far future — or even the near future — though there’s certainly no plans. But in terms of any continuous spinoff or continuation of the show? No, we’re definitely bringing it to the end.”

Perhaps Dan Fogelman will develop a story for a reboot or spinoff that exists in the This Is Us world. However, he feels good about how the Pearson family’s story ends.

But what about a movie?

Perhaps a This Is Us spinoff will not happen, but Dan Fogelman pondered the idea of a movie with Deadline.

“I say no to nothing,” he said. “I’m very aware that a midlife crisis is right around the corner for me and that whatever I do next, I’m going to hate in comparison to this show and these actors. So I say no to nothing.”

Fogelman added, “If we can figure out a movie down the road, I’d love to get back together with these guys and do it. I don’t know what that would be. By the end of this season, I think we’ll have told the complete story, so I’m not sure. It’s like if you’re doing the movie of like what would have happened if Jack survived the fire or something.”

It sounds like Dan Fogelman isn’t ready to definitively put an end to talks surrounding a potential This Is Us movie. And we’re sure that fans would go crazy over a film that depicted a reality where Jack Pearson survived.

Dan Fogelman teases the series finale of ‘This Is Us’

During his interview with Entertainment Weekly, Dan Fogelman promised that This Is Us will have a satisfying ending in season 6.

“My hope is that by the end of the series, there is no stone left unturned,” the creator revealed. “You would have nothing left to ask me about spoilers. You might want to call me and say, ‘I don’t like what happened to such-and-such. I don’t like who such-and-such wound up with.’ But you won’t be going, ‘Who?’ If we’ve done that, I feel like we’ve done our job, and we’ve made the choices that we thought were best for the characters and for the story.”

Fogelman continued, “But by the end of it, I don’t think there will be any of these timeline mysteries left. Hopefully, it will set us up for a very beautiful and simple ending to the entire venture.”

This Is Us Season 6 returns with new episodes on Feb. 22 at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.

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