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This Is Us fans await a crucial moment in the split of couple Toby and Kate (Chris Sullivan and Chrissy Metz) in the series’ newest installment, “Saturday in the Park.” After a year of episodes that teased the split-second that spells the end of the couple’s marriage, some fans believe their break is not so cut and dry. On Reddit, viewers debated the real reason for KaToby’s split, with some social media users laying the blame squarely on Toby’s shoulders. As a result, they called him “insecure” and “negligent.”

chrissy metz and chris sullivan on the set of this is us
Chrissy Metz and Chris Sullivan play Kate and Toby on “This Is Us.” | Ron Batzdorff/NBC

Kate and Toby’s marriage is on the rocks on ‘This Is Us’

A new teaser for the episode features the couple’s young son Jack (Jonathan Kincaid), who admits to his grandmother Rebecca (Mandy Moore) that his parents fight a lot. Kate reveals to brothers Randall (Sterling K. Brown) and Kevin (Justin Hartley) the sad state of her marriage.

Before “Saturday in the Park,” Kate told her husband that she would not move their family to San Francisco from LA. In addition, she cemented her decision by calling her boss Phillip (Chris Geere) and asking for a promotion, which cemented her decision.

However, during a barbecue anniversary party for Rebecca and Miguel (Jon Huertas), Jack goes missing while on Toby’s watch.

This Is Us teased that adult Jack’s (Blake Stadnik) scar came after an accident with the smoker used that same day earlier in the season.

However, fans subsequently believe the accident was not the true reason for Kate and Toby’s split. Viewers placed the blame for the breakup on Toby, citing his actions in the past that led to the end of their love affair.

‘This Is Us’ fans blame ‘insecure’ and ‘negligent’ Toby for the couple’s split

In a Reddit post titled “Longshot, theory for the upcoming episode,” This Is Us viewers believed there were issues beyond what the series revealed that spelled the end of KaToby.

For example, one follower wrote, “Yes, I’ve noticed that Toby has kept a lot from Kate over the years. I had forgotten about him not telling her about baby Jack choking when he watched him.”

The viewer cited a moment when Toby fed his son eggs, a new food, while Kate was out during season 4. Instead, the baby starts choking. Toby pounds on Jack’s back and tries to give his son CPR. Luckily the food came out, and the baby was fine. A trip to the emergency room ensured that the infant was healthy.

“I’ve always wondered if the show would ever bring this back! Toby never told Kate about the choking, and if she has to find out about it through the doctor, she would be pretty furious with Toby and realize how awful their communication is with each other,” penned a second viewer.

“You could be right. It could be that Toby is just negligent with this smoker thing, and that is how Jack gets lost and injured, and that is the thing that breaks the camel’s back. But I could also see the show being dramatic and bringing up the choking,” explained a third Reddit user.

“It fits the narrative of how insecure Toby keeps important info to himself. It’s a believable plotline,” shared a fourth social media user.

How many episodes remain in the final season of the NBC series?

Chris Sullivan plays one half of Kate and Toby with Jonathan Kincaid on the set of This Is Us.
Chris Sullivan and Jonathan Kincaid | Ron Batzdorff/NBC

‘This Is Us’ Producer Spills Randall Episode Is a ‘Pivot Point’ of What’s to Come

“Saturday in the Park” is the 11th episode of a season that will total 18 installments.

Following the Apr. 5 episode, there are just seven episodes left of the 6th and final season.

The family drama will air its series finale on May 24, 2022, when the story of the Pearson family is complete.

This Is Us airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EST on NBC.