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This Is Us continues to generate excitement for fans, who debate the series’ storylines and discuss its actors on social media. One such post teased a change in Kevin’s (Justin Hartley) romantic history. If the intended mother of his children was featured prominently in the series instead of Madison (Caitlyn Thompson), Kevin’s storyline arc may have been quite different.

Justin Hartley and Caitlin Thompson on the set of This Is Us.
Justin Hartley and Caitlin Thompson | Ron Batzdorff/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

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‘This Is Us’ fans championed a happy ending for Kevin Pearson

Viewers of the beloved NBC series pressed hard for a happy romantic ending for Kevin Pearson.

For six seasons, fans watched as the character cycled his way in and out of romances with many women.

Throughout the series, Kevin’s romances included first love Sophie (Alexandra Breckenridge), co-star Olivia Maine (Janet Montgomery), writer Sloane (Milana Vayntrub), veteran Cassidy (Jennifer Morrison), Beth’s cousin Zoe (Melanie Liburd), and Kate’s best friend Madison (Caitlin Thompson).

However, of all these relationships, there appeared to be three women with the potential for a long-lasting relationship with Kevin: Sophie, Madison, and Cassidy.

In the end, Kevin and Sophie reunited, but his relationship with Madison wouldn’t have even begun had it not been for Breckenridge’s prior commitment to a different show.

Alexandra Breckenridge was supposed to return to ‘This Is Us’ and ‘get pregnant’

In a Reddit post titled “any thoughts on Alexandra Breckenridge’s recent comments?” fans learned of a twist to Kevin’s storyline they didn’t realize was an option.

In an interview regarding season 4 of Virgin River, Breckenridge spoke about her connection to the cast of This Is Us.

The actor spoke about the This Is Us finale and if she always knew Kevin and Sophie would end up together.

Breckenridge had a surprising response.

“Honestly, that was a pretty crazy journey. I think initially, when I started the show; I saw that relationship going far because they had fallen in love at such a young age. The way they set up the character’s romance was so sweet and endearing,” she revealed.

“So when I ended up on Virgin River, they wanted me to come back to the show, and I couldn’t because of filming conflicts,” Breckenridge continued. “I was technically supposed to come back and get pregnant, and that just didn’t end up happening.”

This Is Us fans jumped on the notion Sophie should’ve been the mother of Kevin’s children, not Madison.

Fans reacted to the surprising storyline twist

Fans responded swiftly to what they thought would have been an unexpected and substantial storyline twist for This Is Us‘ Kevin with his first love.

“The ending would have been more satisfying if this happened. Seriously, couldn’t they have found a more permanent role for her to keep her around?” questioned one viewer.

“Seems like Sophie would have been the “pregnant fiancee” had the actor not been busy,” penned a second fan.

“That would have been so fabulous. And Kevin would have had his personal growth, but their relationship could have grown more, like Beth and Randall and Toby and Kate (which grew till it grew out). So wanted it to be Sophie who was the mother instead of Madison,” wrote a third Reddit user.

“Oh, what could have been? Madison should have stayed the side character she always was. At least I got my endgame in the end,” claimed a fourth viewer.