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It has been almost two months since This Is Us closed the book on the story of the Pearson family. Apparently, fans are not the only ones dealing with the absence of the clan from their television screens. Mandy Moore, who portrayed Rebecca, made fans tear up with a sweet birthday post for the “best TV husband”, co-star Milo Ventimiglia, who played Jack.

The actor posted a heartwarming photo of the couple taken during their last day on set and shared a sentimental message to Ventimiglia as they ended thier run as “one of the best couples on television” say fans.

Milo Ventimiglia and Mandy Moore on the set of This Is Us.
Milo Ventimiglia and Mandy Moore | Jeff Lipsky/NBC

Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia shared a special bond

The bond between Moore and Ventimiglia was apparent from the moment they stepped into the roles of This Is Us‘ Rebecca and Jack.

Throughout six seasons, they found a level of trust in each other in order to take on some of the most challenging topics featured in the family drama. These included alcoholism, infant death, infidelity, the effects of war, teen sex, abusive relationships, weight, and death.

Also tackled was Rebecca’s Alzheimer’s Disease, drug dependency, adoption, disability, divorce, mental health, miscarriage, remarriage, and LGBTQ issues.

However, sandwiched in between these tough topics were tender family moments as well. It was there that Moore and Ventimiglia shined as parents whose love for each other carried them through their own personal adult struggles.

In an interview with TV Line, Moore shared, “I know I will never ever have a partner like him again.”

Fans teared up over Mandy Moore’s touching birthday wish for Milo Ventimiglia

In an Instagram post shared for the actor’s 45th birthday, Moore posted the following statement for her former television husband and forever friend.

“There are a million pics of you and our time together these past 6 years on my phone but I love this one because it was our last time walking through our house, the Pearson house, and we snapped a pic in the bedroom mirror,” Moore wrote.

She concluded with “Happy Bday to the best TV husband and dad a girl could hope for. Love you, Milo, and hope you’re having the best day!!”

This Is Us fans reacted tearfully to Moore’s post.

“Tears, this brought me to tears. I miss watching the two of you together weekly so much,” wrote one follower about the post and photo.

“This gave me goosebumps! Happy birthday Mr. V. You all changed my world,” penned a second fan.

“You two might be the sweetest colleagues ever to walk the planet. This photo and message made me cry,” a third Instagram user exclaimed.

A fourth fan exclaimed, “You are both enough to make a grown man cry.”

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Viewers have several choices for watching all six seasons of the series.

This Is Us is available on Peacock TV.

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