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  • Milo Ventimiglia teases a “fulfilling” and “emotional” This Is Us series finale.
  • Milo Ventimiglia warns that not every character gets a happy ending when the show comes to a close.
  • The cast and crew have already filmed some of the scenes from the This Is Us series finale.
Milo Ventimiglia, star of 'This Is Us,' wears a dark blue suit over a black button-up shirt while holding up a peace sign.
Milo Ventimiglia | Photo by Amy Sussman/FilmMagic

This Is Us fans are worried for many characters as the final season continues to air on NBC. We now know that Rebecca is on her death bed in the flash-forward scenes, but the absence of other key characters, notably Kate and Miguel, makes some wonder if they are alive. Well, according to Milo Ventimiglia, not every character gets a happy ending in This Is Us, so no one is safe in the series finale.

Milo Ventimiglia teases the ‘This Is Us’ series finale

During an interview with Us Weekly, Milo Ventimiglia discussed the This Is Us series finale.

“I think, if anything, there may be a bit of a bit of magic at the end — kinda like life can put something in front of you that maybe you weren’t expecting, but you still feel satisfied with it,” the actor shared. “It’s really fulfilling [and] deeply emotional, so I’m sure people will be crying, but it’s gonna feel pretty good in the end.”

Of course, viewers expect that the series finale will make them cry. Almost every episode of the NBC drama is tear-inducing, so it’s not shocking that the final hour will be emotional. And according to Milo Ventimiglia, it sounds like there will be plenty of happy tears shed while watching the This Is Us series finale. However, there are bound to be sad ones, as well.

Not everyone gets a happy ending in ‘This Is Us’, according to Milo Ventimiglia

While Milo Ventimiglia teased “magic” in the This Is Us ending, it won’t be all sunshine and rainbows for every member of the Pearson family.

“As we’re reading the last several episodes — they’re starting to come in — I’m starting to see loops closed where there was a moment or a story and it hits an end,” Ventimiglia told Us Weekly. “And you understand that it hits an end, so you go, ‘Oh, OK.’ And it may not be happy, or it may be happy. It’s just the way that life works.”

As Milo Ventimiglia suggested, This Is Us still has plenty of surprises up its sleeve as the ending looms. But the show has always been true to life, so the series finale will likely simultaneously make fans happy and sad.

The actor concluded, “People should just kind of get ready, and I think people will be very satisfied when the final moments of the show air.”


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Some scenes from the series finale have already been filmed

Thanks to Milo Ventimiglia, we know that the This Is Us ending is magical and heartbreaking all at once. But we also know that the cast and crew have already shot footage for the series finale.

Chrissy Metz told TODAY in May 2021, “We banked a lot of footage actually throughout the seasons, but, yes, we definitely have shot a lot from the series finale.”

And creator Dan Fogelman revealed, “I’ve actually already shot pieces of the final scene in the series,” during a panel in 2018.

Fogelman has always known how the show would end. And we’re not sure if that should excite or frighten fans. But whatever the ending of This Is Us might be, it will surely be an emotional rollercoaster from beginning to end.

The final season of This Is Us airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.