‘This Is Us’ Season 6 Episode 16: New Photos Show Young Rebecca With Kate and Randall as Kids

NBC’s This Is Us Season 6 finale is coming soon, and the cast is already hinting at the tear-jerking moments to come. But This Is Us Season 6 Episode 16, “Family Meeting,” brings the Big Three together to discuss what happens next for Rebecca Pearson’s caretaking. New photos from NBC show a young Rebecca with Kate and Randall as children.

‘This Is Us’ Season 6 Episode 16 brings the Pearson family together for Rebecca’s health

Rebecca blowing on the nails of a young Kate in 'This Is Us' Season 6 Episode 16
Isabella Rose Landau as Kate, Mandy Moore as Rebecca | Ron Batzdorff/NBC

The This Is Us Season 6 Episode 16 trailer shows the Pearson family together after Miguel’s death. The Big Three come together to decide the next steps for Rebecca, and they can’t agree on what should happen next.

“My mother was magic,” Randall’s voiceover begins in the promo. “We need to pay her back for everything she did.” The scene flashes from a young Rebecca to an older Rebecca arm in arm with Kate walking through nature.

Then, Randall calls his siblings for a family meeting. Kevin advocates against Rebecca moving in with Randall after he suggests it. “This is the opposite of what she wanted,” Kevin tells his siblings. “I’m gonna honor her wishes if it kills me.”

Then, Toby reminds Kate that Rebecca “chose” her “for a reason” while speaking on the phone. This likely means Kate will step up and care for Rebecca.

Miguel actor Jon Huertas spoke to People about the questions that will be answered in the final three episodes of the series. “What happens with the Pearson kids, the Big Three?” he said. “How does that affect them? That’s something that we’re going to be diving into. How rapidly does Rebecca decline? Who in the family takes up the responsibility? Those are questions that are going to come up and be answered in the next couple of episodes.”

New photos from the episode show a young Rebecca with Kate and Randall

Young Randall with Rebecca whispering in his ear in 'This Is Us' Season 6 Episode 16
Ca’Ron Jaden Coleman as Randall, Mandy Moore as Rebecca | Ron Batzdorff/NBC

Photos from This Is Us Season 6 Episode 16 show flashbacks of Rebecca with the Big Three. A few photos in the series show young Rebecca blowing on Kate’s fingernails as she paints them. They’re sitting on Kate’s bed, and Kate is around 5 years old.

Other photos show young Rebecca sitting with a child Randall on his bed at night. She leans in to tell him a secret, and he looks startled by what he hears.

Additional photos show Rebecca in the present day. She’s lying in bed as Kate reads to her and cares for her. Kate is also seen spoon-feeding Rebecca in one image. Present-day Randall also reads to Rebecca as she sits in her wheelchair.

Madison, Elijah, Sophie, Beth, Phillip, and Uncle Nicky are also in photos of the new episode

Madison and Elijah smiling together in 'This Is Us' Season 6 Episode 16
Caitlin Thompson as Madison, Adam Korson as Elijah | Ron Batzdorff/NBC

The Big Three are there for Rebecca in This Is Us Season 6 Episode 16. And so are Madison, Elijah, Sophie, Uncle Nicky, Beth, and Phillip. New photos from the episode show Kevin and Sophie’s relationship continues to go strong as Rebecca’s health declines. Additionally, Madison and Elijah are sitting on the couch with the whole family. Beth and Phillip are also there to support their spouses through this difficult time. Uncle Nicky, Rebecca’s brother-in-law, arrives as well.

Some fans feel confused about Madison and Elijah arriving on the scene. But others think it makes sense, as Kevin is likely spending more time with Rebecca and less time with his children.

“Kevin wants to take care of Rebecca,” a fan on Reddit explained. “Kevin taking care of Rebecca [equals] more time at the cabin, even with the staff he would need to hire. … Trickier situation with the kids [equals] Madison needs to be at least somewhat involved in what is going on.”

This Is Us Season 6 airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EST on NBC.

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