‘This Is Us’ Season 6 Finale: Will Miguel Appear? Jon Huertas Answers

NBC‘s This Is Us Season 6 Episode 15 focused on Miguel. Fans finally got to see Miguel’s backstory and family life prior to his relationship with Rebecca, and they also got more information on how Miguel and Rebecca connected. Sadly, the episode also showed the beloved character’s death. Will he return in the This Is Us Season 6 finale? Here’s what actor Jon Huertas said.

[Spoiler alert: This Is Us Season 6 Episode 15 spoilers ahead.]

Miguel finally got his own episode ahead of the ‘This Is Us’ Season 6 finale

Miguel kissing Rebecca's forehead as she lies in bed in 'This Is Us' Season 6 Episode 15
Jon Huertas as Miguel and Mandy Moore as Rebecca | Ron Batzdorff/NBC

This Is Us Season 6 Episode 15 featured Miguel’s backstory. Fans finally got to see what Miguel’s life was like during his childhood, and they also got to see more of Miguel and Jack. Of course, the episode focused on the character’s ailing health as well. Fans saw how Miguel died — a shock to many who expected him to live to see the This Is Us Season 6 finale.

“It’s something we’ve been working towards,” actor Jon Huertas told People regarding Miguel’s death. “Part of it was to set up the question of, ‘What happens to the person who’s suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s when that caregiver is suddenly taken away?’ Moving forward, hopefully, people are worried about Rebecca.”

Huertas also noted he put a lot of himself in this episode, particularly with Miguel’s hair.

“Every day in high school, I woke up at least 45 minutes earlier than all the other kids did and blew dry my hair straight,” he noted. “That was me erasing a part of my identity just so I could fit in and not be bullied.”

Will Miguel appear in the finale? Here’s what actor Jon Huertas suggested

Now that Miguel’s dead, will he appear in the This Is Us Season 6 finale? Because the show incorporates various timelines, it’s possible fans could see Miguel again.

“I’ve said the whole time I’ve been on this show, Miguel is a time traveler,” Jon Huertas told Variety. “He’s the one that goes from the ’50s to present day. So you can never count Miguel out. He might make an appearance.”

People presented the same question to Huertas regarding his character in the finale. He noted fans “may or may not have seen the last of Miguel,” but the more important question lies in what happens to Rebecca next.

“What happens with the Pearson kids, the Big Three? How does that affect them?” he added. “That’s something that we’re going to be diving into. How rapidly does Rebecca decline? Who in the family takes up the responsibility? Those are questions that are going to come up and be answered in the next couple of episodes.”

How many episodes of ‘This Is Us’ are left?

Miguel and Rebecca eating a meal together in 'This Is Us' Season 6 Episode 15
Mandy Moore as Rebecca, Jon Huertas as Miguel | Ron Batzdorff/NBC

There are only three episodes remaining in the final season of the show. Episode 16 airs on May 10, episode 17 airs on May 17, and the This Is Us Season 6 finale ends on May 24. The finale airs at 9 p.m. ET.

With Miguel’s death, the Big Three will have to decide what happens with Rebecca moving forward. Episode 16 is titled “Family Meeting” and will likely center on this. “Train” is the title of episode 17, and many fans suspect Rebecca dies. Episode 18 takes on the title “Us.” The final episode of the season likely shows the future generations of the Pearson family.

This Is Us Season 6 airs at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.

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