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Hours ahead of the This Is Us finale; fans wonder what to expect from the Pearsons as they mourn the death of their matriarch, Rebecca (Mandy Moore). Showrunner Dan Fogelman teased their desire for some behind-the-scenes content. He tweeted a heartbreaking photo of several key cast members in one of their final scenes together and added a caption that expressed his emotions as season six wraps: “Last one, what a ride.”

Chris Sullivan (Toby) and Griffin Dunne (Nicky) play pin the tail on the donkey in a scene from NBC's 'This Is Us.'
Chris Sullivan and Griffin Dunne | Ron Batzdorff/NBC

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‘This Is Us’ creator Dan Fogelman promises a ‘meditative’ finale

Fogelman spoke to NBC WTHR and shared his thoughts regarding the finale episode.

Fans are hopeful that all loose ends will be tied up as the show takes its final bow. However, Fogelman may have other ideas.

He revealed, “the goal of the ending was always to just sit with this family in the simplest of ways.”

After six seasons of upheaval, Fogelman suggested that he hopes the finale will generate a pleasant fan reaction.

“Where there’s not that many questions left, you can sit and enjoy almost the equivalent of found footage of a family, combined with a very meditative day,” Fogelman continued.

The Big Three are front and center in the behind-the-scenes photo

Fogelman tweeted an image of Justin Hartley (Kevin), Chrissy Metz (Kate), and Randall (Sterling K. Brown) as they united on the steps of their family cabin.

In front of the actors is a myriad of cameramen, boom operators, and production personnel on set to capture yet another pivotal moment in the lives of The Big Three.

This photo allows fans a sneak peek into the number of people it takes to create one episode of the titular NBC family drama. It also features the facade of the Pearson family cabin where many critical scenes have occurred throughout the six seasons of This Is Us.

Hartley, Metz, and Brown are all in funeral attire as they unite for yet another critical family meeting. Alone for the first time in their lives, without their mother or father to depend on, the trio must lean on one another moving forward.

Fans react to the finale teaser photo

Fans reacted to Fogelman’s finale teaser photo with melancholy. Their responses subsequently demonstrate they are not ready to let the Pearson family go.

“What a beautiful ride!!! Hate for it to all end! We need to have a live q&a sometime after tomorrow’s final episode! Just a chance to have all the cast sit down and share their experiences on set and their emotions on the ending,” requested one viewer.

“I love to hate you!” exclaimed a second fan. “There have been some excellent shows in my lifetime. However, This Is Us is the best! You made me laugh, cry, sometimes at the same time! I hope the writers stay together and create another epic show! Thank you!”

“Thankful to you and your family of infinitely talented people, Dan Fogelman. It isn’t hard for me to see myself sitting on those steps, too!” tweeted a third follower.

“I can’t believe it’s the series finale and it’s the last time I ever get to watch an all-new episode of my favorite show. I can’t believe the journey is over. I’m heartbroken but so grateful for everything this show has brought me. Thank you for this masterpiece,” penned a fourth viewer.

The series finale of This Is Us airs tonight at 9 p.m EST on NBC.