‘This Is Us’ Showrunner Tweets ‘Give Mandy Moore Her Flowers Already’ After Filming ‘Brutal’ Season 6: Fans React

This Is Us showrunner Dan Fogelman is pulling for an Emmy nomination for Mandy Moore. He tweeted the actors’ challenges throughout season 6, including filming some “brutal” scenes while pregnant. Moore played Rebecca Pearson throughout the NBC series’ run. For six seasons, the character aged from her late teens through her 80s. However, season 6 proved most challenging for Moore’s Rebecca, aging considerably in a storyline centered on the character’s decline from Alzheimer’s Disease.

Mandy Moore in the various stages of playing 'This Is Us' character Rebecca Pearson.
Mandy Moore | Ron Batzdorff/NBC

Dan Fogelman revealed the reason Pearson matriarch Rebecca (Mandy Moore) died in the series next to last episode

Fogelman intentionally intended to have Rebecca Pearson die in the series’ next-to-last episode. He shared his reasoning in an interview with the LA Times.

“A few things were very important to me: that Rebecca actually passes at the end of the second-to-last episode so that the show is not ending with somebody dying, but still absolutely fitting the theme of the show, which is what happens when you move forward after that,” Fogelman explained.

“One day, one of our executive producers and a writer who’s been with me since the beginning, K.J. Steinberg, said, ‘I have a weird idea. What if that represented Rebecca’s journey — her being on a train, something that’s tied [to] her childhood?’ That immediately locked in for me. That is where it came from,” the showrunner concluded.

Fogelman appears to suggest the Television Academy ‘give Mandy Moore her flowers already’ in a tweet supporting her ‘brutal’ work on ‘This Is Us’

Fogelman posted a tweet on June 3 where he suggested the Television Academy nominate Mandy Moore for her work during season 6.

“Oh yeah, one more thing: Mandy did the whole season secretly pregnant. The endless age makeup sessions, the brutal disease storyline, the 17 times lines at once, the train, all of it. PREGNANT. She never complained. Give this woman her flowers already,” Fogelman wrote.

He attached a tweet from The Hollywood Reporter that shared Moore was pregnant with her second child. She and Taylor Goldsmith have a one-year-old son, Gus.

Phase 1 Emmy voting, which started June 16 and closed June 27, is the official end of the eligibility window for the 2022 Emmy Awards season, revealed IndieWire. The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences announces its nominees on Tuesday, July 12. Typically, the Emmy Awards air in September.

Fans reacted to Fogelman’s praise of Moore’s performance

Some This Is Us viewers praised Moore’s performance throughout the series. But, they felt that season 6 was some of the actor’s most outstanding and challenging work thus far.

They campaigned for the Television Academy to recognize Moore’s work in response to Fogelman’s tweet.

“Give Mandy Moore flowers AND the damn Emmy,” exclaimed one viewer.

“I hope you’re taking notes, Television Academy!” wrote a second fan.

“What a bloody superstar Mandy Moore! An epic performance whilst pregnant and dealing with heavy storylines” tweeted a third viewer.

“I’ll say it again: Mandy Moore is the MVP of This Is Us. The only actor in all the various time periods. And brilliant in all of them!” penned a fourth fan, who followed their statement with the #emmy.

All six seasons of This Is Us are available to stream on Hulu and Peacock.

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