‘This Is Us’ Star Milo Ventimiglia Gushes Over Co-Star Mandy Moore: ‘She’s a Very Inspirational Woman’

The world fell in love with Jack and Rebecca Pearson when the pilot episode of This Is Us aired in 2016. And, as a result, fans got to know their portrayers — Milo Ventimiglia and Mandy Moore — and learned that the co-stars are almost as close offscreen as they are in This Is Us. Now, as the actors prepare to say goodbye to the show, they are sharing their love for one another with the world.

'This Is Us' stars Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia, in character as Rebecca and Jack Pearson, walk hand-in-hand down a street. Rebecca wears a jean jacket over a green top and pink bottoms. Jack wears a yellow and blue plaid shirt and jeans.
Mandy Moore as Rebecca and Milo Ventimiglia as Jack | Photo by: Ron Batzdorff/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Milo Ventimiglia and Mandy Moore have played Jack and Rebecca Pearson in ‘This Is Us’ for six years

Jack and Rebecca play the mom and dad of the This Is Us characters, and it seems like Milo Ventimiglia and Mandy Moore serve that same role for the cast. The popular NBC show has an ensemble cast, but Ventimiglia and Moore have always felt like the leaders, thanks to their fictional roles.

In This Is Us, Jack and Rebecca are the parents of Kevin, Kate, and Randall. The series jumps back and forth between time periods when the Big Three are babies, toddlers, kids, teenagers, and adults. And, unfortunately, fans usually only see Jack in the past because he died when the kids were teenagers. Years after his death, Rebecca got remarried to Miguel, but Jack’s presence is still felt in the present timeline.

Many This Is Us fans instantly took to Jack and Rebecca, and that’s partly due to the overflowing chemistry between Milo Ventimiglia and Mandy Moore. The show just wouldn’t be the same had the producers not picked them to play Jack and Rebecca.

Ventimiglia praises his TV wife

Before the premiere of This Is Us Season 6, Milo Ventimiglia sat down with E! News to talk about his friendship with Mandy Moore.

“I remember saying to her that I’m not going to be happy unless you’re happy,” the actor said. “That’s been the consistent thread for Mandy and I. We both just invest so much. We communicate so much.”

Ventimiglia went on to compliment his co-star. He said, “I just think the world of her. She’s wonderful.” The actor added that Moore is “incredibly, naturally talented. She’s very connected to what she does. She works incredibly hard.”

Ventimiglia also revealed that he is “always inspired by Mandy. She puts a lot of effort into the work, but when the work is done, she leaves it in a studio. She walks away from it. And she’s … passionate about something else: Her family, her music, her friends, giving back to community. She’s a very inspirational woman.”

While discussing the final season of This Is Us on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Milo Ventimiglia also admitted how important Mandy Moore is to him. He shared, “I’ve got to say, she has been probably, in my 26 years in front of the camera, the best partner I’ve ever had.”

Mandy Moore teases Rebecca’s journey in ‘This Is Us’ Season 6

The cast and crew of This Is Us have repeatedly stated that Mandy Moore‘s work in season 6 is outstanding. And at the show’s final season premiere event, Variety asked Moore what fans can expect from Rebecca in the last episodes.

“She’s kind of on a farewell tour, like all of [the This Is Us cast] are, sort of,” Moore teased. “It’s obviously deeply heartbreaking. But Rebecca’s got so much grace and compassion for the way people are inevitably going to have to pick up the pieces of life around her. And she just is so present and appreciative of all the moments with her family. But I think she’s also really honest and direct about what she wants and what she expects.”

She added, “And it’s such a really beautiful thing in that sense to be able to know sort of a direction that your life is taking. And to prepare, prepare your family, it’s a lot. She’s got a lot of words in the scenes. She’s got a lot on her mind. While she’s sort of there with her family, she really wants to be able to reflect back on the parts of her life that she doesn’t want to forget and impart what she’s found so beautiful.”

This Is Us Season 6, starring Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia, airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.

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